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What is workflow automation?
Workflow automation means delegating repetitive business tasks (wholly or partially) to specific software that will minimize human interaction and eliminate errors and hassles related to manual task performance. It can improve process performance for creating documents and populating fields with data from other resources, signing them and invoking different related workflows upon document approval, analyzing and storing data, sending notifications, etc. Integrated with other business applications, workflow automation platforms like airSlate provide smooth and accurate data transferring between these tools, exporting information from recently completed documents to databases and CRMs and vice versa. You can read more on this topic in our blog.
What can I automate with Pipedrive?
Pipedrive is one of the market's top CRM solutions for improving sales processes. It provides visualized pipelines of the company’s deals and leads its users through all sales stages. It enables specialists to effectively manage contract processing, tracking contacts with the perspectives and turning them into leads and current customers. The platform automates such processes as quote creation, sending emails and follow-ups to customers, sales reports and forecasting generation, etc. However, it still requires some tasks to be performed manually. For these routines, you can use robotic solutions, like those offered by airSlate. With the help of its Create Pipedrive Records Bot, Export to Pipedrive Bot, and Update Pipedrive Records Bot, you can manage data in your CRM with minimized manual entry.
What is the best way to use Pipedrive?
Pipedrive works perfectly independently. However, integrations with other business solutions can help you exploit it more effectively. Connect your CRM account with airSlate, an end-to-end no-code workflow automation platform, to eliminate much of your manual data entry. Automatically pre-fill the fields of your business forms with the details collected in your sales pipelines (Pre-Fill From Pipedrive Records Bot). Easily manage records inside your CRM with auto-creation or updating based on data taken from your completed paperwork (Create Pipedrive Records Bot and Update Pipedrive Records Bot accordingly). Implementing robotic solutions into your CRM processes liberates sales specialists from tedious manual data entry tasks. These integrations allow your people to focus on customer service and new sales campaigns.
How does airSlate integrate with Pipedrive?
Unlike many automation solutions on the market, airSlate enables users to integrate their workflows with cloud services and other business applications without coding. Our platform uses Bots, small robotic software apps programmed to perform specific tasks automatically. There are four airSlate Integration Bots for Pipedrive that enable your workflows seamlessly run across these two platforms:
  • Create Pipedrive Records Bot
  • Update Pipedrive Records Bot
  • Export to Pipedrive Record Bot
  • Pre-fill from Pipedrive Records Bot
Each Bot is straightforward to set up and does not require special skills. You only need to add the appropriate one to your Flow, complete a simple installation procedure, and provide conditions to activate your Bot. The whole configuration takes up to 10 minutes. We recommend you join the airSlate Academy and take a special free course dedicated to Bots. This hour-long tutorial will teach you what airSlate Bots are, what tasks you can automate with their help, and how to set them up. Also, we recommend you check other training programs in the Academy to become a well-skilled workflow automation specialist in short order.
How do I extract data from Pipedrive?
If you need to get a separate file with CRM data, click on the “...” button, then complete the sequence: → MoreExport data. Select the type of records you need to export and choose the format in which you want to save them (CSV or Excel options are available).
If you need to extract data from an item in your CRM to prepopulate paperwork, integrating with airSlate is the best solution. Our workflow automation platform provides a no-code tool for such cases. To configure your document workflow in airSlate, add and install our Pre-fill from Pipedrive Records Bot. After you connect both accounts with each other, specify those fields in your Pipedrive Entity from which you want to export data and match them with corresponding fields in your airSlate form. Then provide conditions that will activate your Bot, such as when people enter their company name into your agreement or invoice template. The Bot will automatically fill in the rest of the fields with details taken from your records in your Pipedrive database.
How do you upload data to Pipedrive?
There are two ways in which you can do this:
  • Manually import a spreadsheet through the Pipedrive upload option (“...” → Import Data → From a spreadsheet → Upload file)
  • Automatically by using the Export to Pipedrive Bot from airSlate.
The second option is more effective. After you install and configure the Export to Pipedrive Bot, it will automatically transfer the completed document to your CRM Entity based on the conditions you set. The triggers for the Bot to act can be completing one or several specific fields in the form (e.g., when recipients fill out their email or sign the document).