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How to increase efficiency working with PostgreSQL?
If your business deals with lots of data, using PostgreSQL to manage and store it is a great choice. It helps keep all your crucial information organized and accessible at any moment. However, it still takes person-hours to manage, put in, and update information in your database for use in completing documents. If you want to take the efficiency of PostgreSQL to the next level, airSlate automation Bots will help you with that.
What operations can I automate?
There are several data operations that you can run hands-free with the help of PostgreSQL-integrated airSlate automation Bots. Choose the process you wish to optimize and entrust it to the Bot that handles it:
  • The Export to PostgreSQL Bot automatically moves data from specified airSlate documents into your database.
  • The Export Custom Values to PostgreSQL Bot transfers submitted custom data, such as signature dates, into your PostgreSQL account.
  • The Pre-fill from PostgreSQL Bot creates documents based on data from a specified PostgreSQL location.
  • The Pre-fill Dropdowns from PostgreSQL Bot use data from a PostgreSQL location of your choice to automatically populate dropdowns in your documents.
How to set up the hands-free data transfer to PostgreSQL?
If you want to optimize the time and effort your team spends manually migrating data and custom values into your PostgreSQL database, try using one of airSlate’s Bots. You can do this by going to the Bots tab in your Workflow settings and using the search field to find the Bot you need. You will be taken to a straightforward configuration menu where you can customize your workflow automation. Once you finalize configurations, the Bot will transfer your data automatically every time its conditions are met.
How to create documents with PostgreSQL data automatically?
You can adjust the automatic population of document templates with your PostgreSQL data just as quickly. With the help of airSlate Bots, you can generate similar documents automatically, as they will pre-fill fields or dropdowns from the PostgreSQL locations of your choice. Find the Bot you want in your Workflow settings and install it. This process takes around 10 minutes and saves your team hours of manual work.
Do I need a technical specialist to configure PostgreSQL automation Bots?
airSlate automation Bots are no-code extensions to your usual workflow. They do not require technical skills or knowledge to set up and configure. All adjustments to the Bot’s work are available in a straightforward interface that will give you hints if needed. Should you want to study how they work more in-depth or discover more about how they bring positive changes to businesses like yours, select a free course at the airSlate Academy.