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How to make a Procore workflow easier?
If your company works in construction, you know how convenient Procore can be. It streamlines all company processes for documentation, submittals, and the actual work onsight. Procore helps users keep all their crucial information, specifications, and construction plans in one place, systemized and orderly. However, human error may compromise precision, negatively impacting the delivered product. To avoid such mistakes in your Procore data processes, automate your data entry by integrating your account with airSlate Bots.
What are the Procore automation Bots?
airSlate automation Bots for Procore are software that connects to your management platform to run specific processes automatically. All of them act once set-up conditions for their execution are met. The Bots follow a simple ‘if-this-then-that’ logic when they perform. Their configurations are accessible in your workflow. You can set and adjust general conditions upon which your Bot acts or add triggers for additional actions. When the Bot operates, the processes you’ve selected will run automatically.
What Procore processes can I automate?
You can choose from several airSlate Bots to automate your work with Procore:
  • Install the Save to Procore Bot to transfer data directly from your airSlate documents once they are submitted.
  • Run the Update Procore Records Bot to manage updates (change orders, etc.) to your records without any manual work involved.
  • Use the Pre-fill from Procore if you want to automate document generation based on your Procore record data.
Does airSlate automation require technical skills?
All airSlate Bots are no-code software. You will not need help from a technical specialist or a staff member with programming skills to handle their configurations. Bots are available in your Workflow settings, and you can easily find one for the particular process you wish to automate. If you are looking for in-depth knowledge to use your Bots more effectively, find a suitable course at airSlate Academy and take your workflow efficiency to the next level.