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What is Salesforce workflow automation?
Salesforce is the world’s leader in customer relationship management software providing cloud solutions for optimizing sales, customer service, contract management, marketing processes, and business analytics. It helps users create, keep, and monitor records about prospects, leads, and contract details. With several built-in tools, it also enables users to automate their everyday business processes and professional tasks within the platform. Native Salesforce automation tools include Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, and Flow Builder. Each tool works with a particular type of task and can be set up manually by providing specific Workflow Rules in the cloud product settings. Third-party solutions connected to the CRM product may also improve business productivity and provide seamless task performance through workflow automation.
What tool is the best for Salesforce automation?
Salesforce works well as an advanced CRM solution with smart automation solutions embedded. However, integrating its functionality with other software applications is a better way to run your business processes. Salesforce offers over 2500 integrations with various software solutions, which you can check in the Salesforce AppExchange. Consider bringing your CRM system together with workflow automation platforms, like airSlate, to minimize your staff's effort to complete monotonous, routine tasks. airSlate provides a direct connection between workflows in both systems thanks to its Salesforce Integration Bots. These automated solutions allow you to manage records in your CRM with minimized human interaction. airSlate offers 11 unique automated tools for Salesforce users:
  • Create Salesforce Records Bot
  • Export to Salesforce Bot
  • Pre-fill from Salesforce Bot
  • Update Salesforce Records Bot
  • Invoke Salesforce Process on Document Opening Bot
  • Invoke Salesforce Process on Document Completion Bot
  • Pre-fill from Salesforce Records with SOQL Bot
  • Update from Salesforce Records with SOQL Bot
  • Pre-fill Salesforce Record Attachments Bot
  • Notify Salesforce Contacts on Document Opening Bot
  • Notify Salesforce Contacts on Document Completion Bot
Employing these tools will save you much time on task completion and let you run sales processes more effectively. In our blog, you can read more about the mechanisms and positive effects of airSlate integration with Salesforce.
How do I launch a flow in Salesforce?
It depends on what process and when you want to launch. When you only work with your Salesforce records, you can set up its auto launch through the Process Builder tool. You can find detailed instructions on the platform’s help pages. If you want to automatically launch a particular Salesforce flow based on changes in your documents, the best solution is to use the Invoke Salesforce Process on Document Completion Bot. It enables you to update your data and initiate a particular process in your CRM once your recipients fill out a defined document. Therefore, you can eliminate manual data entry and provide smooth and stable task completion with minimized effort.
How can I create a new record in Salesforce?
You can create new records in your Salesforce system in two ways. The first one is by using the platform’s native Quick Create option. You will need to manually enter values for each record field, which can be time-consuming and prone to error.
Integrating the platform with the airSlate workflow automation tool allows you to create new CRM records faster and more effectively, with minimized manual fill-out. You only need to install the Create Salesforce Records Bot. This Bot will make new records for leads, contacts, accounts, etc., based on the data people enter into a defined form. You only need to correctly map the fields in your paperwork and Salesforce database and provide the right conditions for the Bot to act.
How do I upload data to Salesforce?
The most effective way to upload documents to your Salesforce system is to do it automatically using airSlate’s Integration Bots. Install the Export to Salesforce Bot to your workflow, reference the corresponding Salesforce record where you would like to upload your completed documents, select the forms that you will upload upon completion, and provide conditions for the Bot to act (for example, user name, email, or other data entered into the form). If you correctly configure your conditions, the form will automatically appear attached to your Salesforce record without effort.
How can I export records from Salesforce to my documents?
airSlate offers three robotic solutions that will enable you to fill in your business paperwork automatically and eliminate manual data entry and errors caused by it:
  • The Pre-fill from Salesforce Bot and the Invoke Salesforce Process on Document Opening Bot automatically transmit data from a CRM record to the related fields in a form you need to populate;
  • The Pre-fill from Salesforce Records with SOQL Bot makes instant form auto-fill from CRM records to defined documents using the SOQL query;
  • The Pre-fill Salesforce Record Attachment Bot is a unique tool that automatically transfers a file attachment from your CRM base to a particular workflow in airSlate. It enables users to edit these files seamlessly and then electronically sign them.