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Does ServiceNow have automation?
ServiceNow is a cloud-based solution that helps companies handle their digital workflows. It’s a platform for digital solutions of an entire organization, connecting all people, systems, and features within a single workspace. ServiceNow provides unified workflow automation across systems through API integrations and robotic process automation tools. It offers an RPA Hub with robots for automating routine business tasks.
How to integrate ServiceNow with airSlate
ServiceNow integrates with multiple business solutions primarily through an API connection. airSlate offers no-code integration with the platform, which means that even employees without programming experience can easily connect both tools and automated workflows across platforms. airSlate’s ServiceNow Bots help you realize this seamless connection between different document management automation tasks. For example, you can populate your business forms using the Pre-Fill From ServiceNow Records Bot or upload your completed paperwork with the Export to ServiceNow Record Bot.
How to automate workflows in ServiceNow
airSlate workflow automation is a great way to streamline ServiceNow processes and seamlessly run them with minimal human intervention. You can set up an automatic record update or create new documents using information provided in your completed paperwork. All you need to do is install the Create ServiceNow Records Bot or the Update ServiceNow Records Bot in your airSlate workflow. Connect both platforms → define documents from which you need to transfer data → and provide rules and conditions for your Bots to start working. Using the right Bot, you can automatically export completed paperwork to a specified record.
How to fill out documents with ServiceNow records
Instead of copying and pasting data from databases and other digital data storage, you can use airSlate and its no-code robotic process automation technology. If you often use ServiceNow information to complete paperwork, use the Pre-Fill From ServiceNow Records Bot to eliminate manual data entry and avoid human errors. The Bot will automatically transfer any required data to your forms based on its if-this-then-that logic, making the document creation process quick, easy, and accurate.