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How to enhance productivity working with SharePoint?
If you work with SharePoint, you know first-hand how easy it is to incorporate into the workflow. This highly adjustable collaborative platform ensures you have all essential tools at your fingertips and easily integrates with other services. Still, managing workflows in SharePoint manually can be cumbersome, as it involves routine, repetitive processes that demand concentration and time. Paired with automation Bots by airSlate, the versatility and functionality of SharePoint will take your efficiency to the next level. Find the right automation and streamline your workflow.
What processes can I automate?
There are several processes in your workflow that you can automate with the help of airSlate Bots. Choose the one that suits your business’s and team’s needs to simplify the working process more efficiently.
  • The Archive to SharePoint Folder Bot saves files submitted with airSlate documents directly in a dedicated SharePoint Folder;
  • The Create SharePoint List Records Bot turns data submitted through airSlate documents into well-organized SharePoint Records;
  • The Export to SharePoint List Records Bot transfers data from specified documents to target Records in SharePoint;
  • The Update SharePoint List Records Bot keeps information in your SharePoint Records up-to-date by automatically changing it once your data is submitted;
  • The Pre-fill from SharePoint List Records Bot populates template documents with information from your SharePoint Records;
  • The Pre-fill SharePoint Files Bot gives access to your SharePoint files straight through airSlate.
How do SharePoint Bots work?
All airSlate Bots act based on simple ‘if-this-then-that’ conditions you can adjust. Once conditions for the Bot to act are met, it automatically carries out its programmed action. For example, if someone completes a survey and submits it, a Bot could send information from the survey directly to your SharePoint Records without any manual data entry involved.
Do I need an engineer to install a Bot?
airSlate is a no-code solution, meaning it does not require specific skills to operate. All Bots are available and easy to find in our intelligible airSlate interface that will walk you through the experience and provide tips.
Where do I learn to operate airSlate Bots?
If you want to learn more about the functionality of airSlate Bots and what you can do with them, check out our airSlate Academy courses. Our concise and interactive tutorials will provide the opportunity to learn everything you need about Bots to perfect your workflow.