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Is airSlate free?
airSlate comes with one free (Free) and two paid subscription options (Basic and airSlate Business Cloud). As the name suggests, the Free plan allows you to sign up for airSlate at no cost. This option doesn’t include unlimited access to features and Bots, which we have in the Basic Plan. Other than that, though, there’s no difference in the functionality of both subscription plans. Also, access to Flow is limited to 30 days after you’ve set up an account.
What does the Slack integration look like in airSlate?
You can integrate airSlate with Slack even if you have no coding experience. We enable this integration with easy-to-install and configurable Bots (pieces of software). After setting up your Flow, you can connect airSlate and Slack in the Bot section, customize your critical steps, and create triggers that make the Bot(s) act. Additionally, you can go beyond our standard Bot settings and fine-tune them to suit your particular needs.
What tasks can I automate with airSlate’s Bots for Slack?
Currently, we offer three Bots within Slack integrations. They help you and your team always stay on top of your tasks. These Bots will instantly update you when anyone makes changes to your documents, templates, or Flows.
  • Notify Slack Contacts on Document Opening. Once a person opens a Flow, your recipients will get a message about it in a Slack channel.
  • Enable Documents Completion via Slack. Whenever someone changes a message in Slack or Flow, the selected Flow or Slack message will be updated and reflect changes.
  • Notify Slack Contacts on Documents Completion. As soon as a Flow is complete, recipients will get notifications in Slack.
What benefits will I get from Slack and airSlate integrations?
Slack is a Jack of all trades in the world of productivity apps. Over the years, this platform grew powerful enough to connect and interact with other business platforms, apps, and CRMs. airSlate is not an exception. By integrating our platform with Slack, you will stay in the loop about what’s happening to your document completion Flow. This information should help keep your business processes running smoothly and on time.
Am I limited to a certain amount of Bots I can set up at once?
There’re no limitations on how many Bots you can run at once in your workflow. You can select and launch as many Bots as you need to reduce human input as much as possible. You can check the status of each Bot directly in your workflow diagram and make sure each Bot operates correctly.
Should I contact the Slack support team to set up integration with airSlate?
No, the setup process is as easy as ABC and doesn’t require a tech background. You can install and configure Bots directly in your Workspace. If you need assistance, click on the student’s cap icon to enable guidance mode. Also, you can click on View guidebook in your Bot setup window and read instructions on how to get what you want up and running. Additionally, you can contact our support team; they are always available to you.
Are my data transfers between Slack and airSlate protected and compliant?
We ensure that all data transfers between apps and users, regardless of which integrations you run within airSlate, are protected with all necessary compliance and security standards. airSlate maintains FERPA, CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR; SOC 2 Type II and PCI DSS certification. We safeguard every data interaction with 256-bit encryption. You can also take advantage of multiple ways of protecting your documents, such as two-factor authentication and password protection.
What is the airSlate Academy?
The airSlate Academy is where anyone, regardless of experience, can learn the ins and outs of using our platform for business process automation. The Academy covers different parts of building efficient document-based workflows while minimizing manual data input and routing. Courses are self-paced. We’ve divided them into categories and complexity, so you can easily prioritize and choose what, when, and how often you would like to learn.
How do you access courses on Bots?
You can take courses by registering with airSlate Academy. Go to the main page > click Sign up > insert your credentials. All airSlate courses become available immediately after you’ve logged in. At the same time, you don’t need to create an account with airSlate. We highly recommend that you do this as you can view which courses you’ve taken, which quizzes you’ve passed, and where you’ve put your knowledge into practice. These courses will help you get a general idea of how Bots work and how to configure them correctly.
What Bots other than Slack Bots can I use?
airSlate has a myriad of automation and integration Bots for smooth data collection, routing, and storage. Their uses span various purposes, including sales, marketing, etc. They all help unify business-critical data in one holistic platform. Please visit this page to view the complete list of Bots available within airSlate integrations. If you have a particular integration in mind but didn’t find it on our website, contact our team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.