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For what are Smartsheet Bots used?
Smartsheet is an online management and collaboration platform used for project analysis, storage, and organization. It has a familiar spreadsheet-style interface that helps you monitor projects of any size.
When combined with airSlate’s powerful eSign, document generation, and editing features, Smartsheet can significantly boost your team's productivity and performance. Keep all of your projects in one place with airSlate Smartsheet integration Bots.
How to get started with Smartsheet Bots
First, become acquainted with automation and integration Bots designed for your workflows. You can choose four Smartsheet Bots with distinctive roles:
  • Export to Smartsheet Bot.
  • Pre-fill from Smartsheet Bot.
  • Pre-fill dropdowns from Smartsheet Bot.
  • Export Custom Values to Smartsheet Bot.
Each Bot ensures that your streamlined data is safe, securely stored, and has no errors compared to the tiresome process of transferring data manually.
Is Smartsheet hard to integrate?
You can easily integrate your Smartsheet Bots into different Flows without having to ask for IT support assistance:
  • Start your Bot configuration by creating a workflow.
  • Connect your Smartsheet account with it.
  • Define data you want to export or pre-fill and link it to the document fields in Smartsheet.
  • Choose a trigger that will activate the Bot, whether it will be a specific date, name, or other condition.
  • Instruct your Bot to pre-fill or export data when your recipient opens the document.
  • Once you’ve configured your Bot, it will work according to instructions you provided without double-checking input data.
  • Enjoy advanced access to your data without any security risks or errors.
Are integration Bots hard to learn?
airSlate provides you with a revolutionary approach to document automation. Our intuitive no-code configuration process takes minutes to set up. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get your flows working.
Take part in the airSlate Academy. Be the first to join the Advanced Smartsheet course and get our certification. Maximize efficiency for all your processes while becoming a pro with your daily tasks.