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How do I keep my document-based processes on track?
Very often, even one unsigned or uncompleted document can delay an entire project or hold up closing an important deal. That’s why tracking your document execution status is vital to moving things forward. With airSlate SMS integration Bots, you can always stay on track and on time by getting SMS alerts whenever the document is:
  • Opened (Send SMS on Documents Opening Bot)
  • Completed (Send SMS on Documents Completion Bot)
  • Ready to be archived and shared (Send Document via SMS Bot)
How do I automate SMS alerts without coding?
One way to set up SMS notifications after the document is ready is by integrating with third-party API services, which involve a certain degree of coding and tech input. With airSlate, a completely no-code solution, you no longer need to jump through hoops to set up this feature. With our straightforward and intuitive Bots, you can stay up-to-date about what stage your document approval process is.
Where do I learn about integrating airSlate SMS Bots into our workflows?
Even though setting up SMS Bots is effortless, users should master some configuration nuances to successfully set up, launch, and run these Bots. If you want to dive deeper and learn how our integration and automation Bots work, we recommend checking out our specialized courses at the airSlate Academy. The classes are free of charge and self-paced. As you advance through the learning materials, you’ll get detailed information covering different automation aspects and use cases and take short quizzes to solidify your knowledge.
How do I set up airSlate SMS integration Bots?
You can start setting up your Bot as soon as you have created your Flow with documents to be sent for approval and assigned parties.
  1. Select any available Bot from the Bots Library.
  2. Connect Bot to Vonage, a cloud communication provider.
  3. Start adding conditions that’ll prompt your Bot to act.
  4. Use additional setup options to customize how your Bot will run.
  5. Start the Flow and check if your Bot is running correctly.