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How does SugarCRM work?
SugarCRM is an AI-driven collaborative cloud-based platform that offers:
  • Sales automation.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Customer relation management.
  • Account management.
SugarCRM is quite popular in different industries for its user-friendliness and multiple features. Boost your productivity by delegating your tiresome data transferring to our SugarCRM Integration Bots.
How airSlate Bots work?
Everything is more efficient with workflow automation. One of the best ways to improve your performance with SugarCRM is to connect your account to airSlate Flows. airSlate uses no-code Bots that allow your processes to run unsupervised and according to your instructions.
airSlate offers two types of Bots:
  • Automation Bots perform pre-set actions like sending reminders and notifications under specific conditions, for instance, when someone opens a document.
  • Integration Bots connect other platforms to your Flows. For instance, you can quickly transfer data from your documents to third-party applications without completing too many unnecessary steps.
There are four SugarCRM bots with distinctive functions:
  • Update SugarCRM Records.
  • Pre-fill from SugarCRM Records.
  • Export to SugarCRM.
  • Create SugarCRM Records.
How to set up SugarCRM with your airSlate Flows?
For instance, if you want to configure Update SugarCRM Records Bot, follow these easy steps:
  1. Connect your SugarCRM account to airSlate.
  2. Select which records you wish to update.
  3. Specify information you want to update in your SugarCRM records.
  4. Define the trigger that will activate your Bot.
  5. Once done, you can easily share and sign your documents.
  6. Avoid errors in your data and meet your deadlines.
Do I need the IT admin to set SugarCRM?
Integration Bot setup is a quick and painless process that takes less than a minute. You don’t need to have any programming degree or experience. If you need to, you can always check the airSlate Academy and find SugarCRM automation and Advanced SugarCRM automation courses to become more confident in exporting and creating your SugarCRM flows. Try your first automation Flow with airSlate SugarCRM Bots today!