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How to pre-fill documents automatically
Data entry is one of the most tedious and error-prone administrative tasks you may have to deal with today. Luckily, you can make things easier with the help of modern automation tools that you don’t need to code or install as complex and expensive software.
airSlate no-code automation solutions can generate pre-filled documents on the go, speeding up the process of filling out documents while saving on employee hours and company resources. Learn how airSlate Bots can help you streamline your document workflows.
How to pre-fill a document from a CSV file
Using the Pre-fill from CSV file Bot, you can automatically pre-fill your documents with data from CSV files. This Bot will transfer data from a CSV file to contracts, sales invoices, and other documents, saving time and eliminating errors. The setup process is simple and quick — you just select a CVS file and specify conditions for when to fill out the document.
Match CSV columns with fillable fields in your document to ensure accurate data transfer. You can also specify conditions that will trigger your Bot. Once these conditions are met, the Bot will populate your document’s fields with data from the columns corresponding to the file's row.
How to pre-fill dropdowns from a CSV file
The Pre-fill Dropdowns from CSV File Bot allows you to automatically transfer data from a CSV file specifically to dropdown fields in your document. You will save time previously spent on copy-pasting while ensuring quick and accurate data transfer to your documents. To populate dropdown fields with this Bot, you will need to upload a CSV file and match your document’s dropdown with your intended columns in the uploaded CSV file. Specify your Bot execution conditions if needed. If you skip this step, the Bot will act upon the following revision.
How to pre-fill a document with custom data
Use the Pre-fill with Custom Data Bot to automatically populate your document with custom text. You can add custom text or use a Data variable to populate the field with text from another field or document. Set one or more conditions that will trigger Bot activation. When your document meets specified conditions and its recipient opens it, the fields you have set up will already be pre-filled with custom data. The recipient will only need to fill out any remaining empty fields and click the Complete button.
How to pre-fill a document with data from another document
The Pre-fill from Doc to Doc Bot is an excellent tool for automatically transferring data from one document to another. Install the Bot, select your documents, and match fields in the source and destination files for accurate data transfer. You should also choose whether you want empty values to be filled in selected fields. Open a Flow, set up your Bot, and have data transferred from one file to another in no time.
How to pre-fill a document with data from a spreadsheet
The Pre-fill from Excel Spreadsheet Bot will help you transfer data from a spreadsheet directly to your document. It can populate different fields with such input as text, numbers, dates, dropdowns, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Upload a spreadsheet, match and map Excel columns to the document fields, and have your data transferred at the flick of a switch. The few minutes you spend configuring the Bot can save you tons of time in the future.
How to pre-fill dropdowns from a spreadsheet
Similar to the Pre-fill from Excel Spreadsheet Bot, the Pre-fill Dropdowns from Excel Spreadsheet Bot can facilitate data transfer from an Excel spreadsheet. However, it only helps you pre-fill dropdown fields rather than regular text fields. The Bot populates specified fields in a document with data from selected rows of an Excel spreadsheet. The setup process is similar to other Bots and takes minutes to complete.
Who can use the uploaded files integration Bots?
This group of airSlate no-code Bots is extremely helpful for managing Flows that require a lot of data input. They come in handy when generating documents for accounting, HR, sales, and other departments. Instead of entering text manually, you can automatically pre-fill selected fields with data from existing documents or customize text that will be used to pre-fill your document exactly when it’s needed.
How do I set up an airSlate Bot?
If you need more detailed information about one of the Bots from this category, its setup, and functionality, refer to the airSlate Academy. The Academy offers multiple specialized courses on business process automation and courses dedicated to specific airSlate Bots. Each class contains a detailed step-by-step guide on Bot implementation. Subscribe to the Academy and learn how to automate your business processes with airSlate’s no-code solution.