Brand identity elements

Welcome to our hub for partner guidelines and assets. We want to make it easy for you to integrate airSlate products in your app while adhering to our brand’s legal/licensing requirements. Below you’ll find resources for combining your brand with airSlate brand elements. Be sure to review the guidelines that pertain to the airSlate assets you intend to use.


The visual style of every airSlate graphic reflects our courageous and diverse community. The graphic design team creates uniquely customized illustrations. The hand-drawn graphical style represents the product’s individuality and ease-of-use. Illustrations and icons maintain a simple appearance and give the impression that anyone can draw them. As for our product — it’s intuitive and colorful layout makes it suitable for just about anyone. Our characters stand as a reminder of our respect for the diversity of cultures and opinions. The main colors for creating our visuals can be found in the marketing palette.


Our illustrations aim to inspire emotions, that’s why they can appear as funny, mysterious, or abstract, but still convey the exact meaning and mood of the context.
Illustrations style example


Our library of illustrations is diverse as well. Here, you can find a variety of characters, subjects, themes, and situations. You can download the entire archive by following the link below. Here are some examples:

Download Illustrations archive

Illustrations examples archive
Includes .png illustrations in high resolution