airSlate Brand guidelines


When placing the airSlate logo within an app or website, optimal legibility should be your first priority. The safe zone defines the legibility of the logo by isolating it from competing visual elements such as other text and supporting graphics. Consider it as the minimum spacing distance from a page edge, object, text, or image.

Minimum sizes

To ensure the airSlate logo is always clear and legible, please follow our minimum size requirements.

Example logo o the exclusion zone
airSlate logotype minimum size example
Example logo o the exclusion zone
16px height, 80px wide, approx.
airSlate brand icon minimum size example
20px height, 18px wide, approx.

Usage on backgrounds

The full-color logo should only be used on white backgrounds. Please use the single-color logo for black or colored backgrounds. You can also select colors from the brand palette for your background. When adding a background photo, use the colors from the brand palette at 80% opacity.

Correct (#2C435C, 80%)
Correct (#2192EF, 80%)
Correct (#2C435C, 80%)
Correct (#2192EF, 80%)

Incorrect logo use

Correct and consistent use of the airSlate logo is an essential part of building brand equity. When placing the logo, be sure not to rearrange or resize any of its elements, apply any stylistic adjustments, add additional art or information, or place the logo on visually distracting backgrounds.

Do not rotate the logo

Do not change the logo color

Do not distort or warp the logo

Incorrect example airSlate logo with gradient

Do not apply a gradient to the logo

Example logo o the exclusion zone

Do not outline the logo

Do not change the typeface

Do not use the glyph and the logo together

Incorrect example airSlate logo with using mask

Do not use masks or any other effects


For partnerships, we lock up the airSlate logo with a partner logo, preferably with airSlate coming first. Use clear spaces between logos. Partner logos should be aligned with the optical baseline of the airSlate logo as shown in the picture.

Partner logo are aligned to the baseline of the airSlate logo example image

Clear space equals the width of the “S” from the logo. Align partner logos to the baseline of airSlate logo.


airSlate headlines are set in the Open Sans Font Family: Regular, Semibold, Bold and Extrabold. Do not set in all caps or all lowercase. Set the tracking to 0. When using Open Sans to typeset headings H1 on the web, set the letter spacing to −1px.

  • Open Sans Regular
  • Open Sans Semibold
  • Open Sans Bold
  • Open Sans Extrabold

Open Sans Extrabold 60px/84px


Open Sans Semibold 32px/44px


Open Sans Regular 20px/32px

Plain text

Open Sans Regular 16px/28px

Make digital easy

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Сore colors

Slate Blue #2C435C

Primary logotype and glyph color. Also used as a background color for the white logo.

Dodger Blue #2192EF

Glyph color. Also used as a secondary background color for white logos and glyphs.

Trolley Grey #414141

Primary typography color for white backgrounds.


Best color to use for the airSlate logo.