Location Scottsdale, AZ
Industry Merchant Services
Year founded 2003
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About company

Knowing that every industry has specific payment needs and requirements, BillingTree offers customized solutions for Accounts Receivable Management, Financial Services, Healthcare & Medical, Energy, and Commercial & B2B Payments sectors.

With BillingTree, companies are able to reduce expenses and generate more revenue by accepting multiple payment options. They include ACH, Credit & Debit, Debit Card Only, Web & Online Portals, Phone & IVR, Text Payments, and Point of Sale.

BillingTree provides a fully compliant environment while enabling companies to offer more payment options to their customers for a faster, more secure payment experience.

Use case description

BillingTree faced the challenge of generating multiple-field order forms for new clients in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and getting them signed. airSlate no-code Bots provided a comprehensive yet straightforward integration with Dynamics 365. Using airSlate, BillingTree was able to set up a workflow for creating new forms automatically and populating them with client data from Dynamics.

The company is now able to generate order forms and send them for signing without additional manipulation. The entire workflow is automated and initiated by clicking one button in Dynamics 365.

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