Champ Plan Advisors

Location Scottsdale, AZ
Industry Healthcare, IT
Year founded 2012
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Champ Plan Advisors

About company

Champ Plan helps companies establish a self-funded benefits plan that produces both immediate and long-term savings. The company’s proprietary technology, expertise, and experience reduces the time and effort required to develop an insurance program for employees..

Champ Plan has developed as an AI-based smartphone app and an insurance benefits program based on Mayo Clinic technology which offers proactive medical care that helps to identify, treat, and monitor potential health risks. The company works seamlessly with HMO's, PPO's, FSA's, HSA's, and fully self-insured plans by providing an additional offering for organizations.

Champ Plan allows employers to track the health of their employees in real time via a dashboard screen so that organizations can take active measures to produce positive outcomes and lower healthcare spending.

In addition to reducing claims by improving employee health, Champ Plan takes a large load off of a company’s health plan by covering primary care office visits, urgent care office visits, and generic prescriptions.

Use case description

Champ Plan relies on airSlate for registering new advisors. Their contracting process is fully automated with the help of no-code Bots, allowing them to set up an end-to-end digital registration process while automating data input and record exports to Google Sheets.

Automated notifications at every stage of the process ensure timely completion of the registration process and give each party full visibility into the flow.

Champ Plan makes particular use of the ability to quickly archive completed documents to Google Drive and Box for easy access along with all other documentation the company is responsible for managing.

Amazing Platform, Customized for our special needs, Sophisticated, Smart & Cutting-Edge!
Julia WhitfieldExecutive Director
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