Healthcare Compliance Readiness

Location San Antonio, TX
Industry Healthcare
Year founded 2012
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Healthcare Compliance Readiness

About company

HCR acts as a compliance and human resources department that quickly identifies and resolves HR and compliance issues allowing medical organizations to dedicate their time to patient care, not paperwork.

To help medical organizations run their clinical operations efficiently, HCR has developed the HR 360 program that offers services such as employee onboarding, HR consulting, training, and assistance with HR-related workflows.

In the same way, HCR has designed a SECURE 360 platform aimed to help medical organizations pass any audit. The scope of compliance services provided includes clinic inspection, revision of injury documentation and treatment, response to regulatory inquiries, licensing, HIPAA compliance, OSHA compliance, and so on.

Use case description

Before airSlate, HCR had to deal with stacks of new-hire and employee onboarding paperwork that were processed using traditional time-consuming manual processes. To streamline their onboarding workflow, HCR turned to airSlate.

HCR can now quickly generate multiple employee onboarding documents and offer letters and send them for signing and completion electronically. By setting automatic reminders and notifications, HCR now has full visibility into the process. With airSlate’s no-code integration Bots, completed documents are then automatically saved in the cloud where they are easily accessible by HCR’s HR department.

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