In At The Deep End

Location Sunderland, UK
Industry Sports, Education
Year founded 2008
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In At The Deep End

About company

In At The Deep End provides regular swimming lessons across the North East of England with over 60 classes catering to swimmers of all ages. The company’s custom-made courses are designed with flexibility in mind for suiting individual requirements.

In At The Deep End also runs regular lifeguard and first aid courses as well as training courses for future swimming instructors. The business prides itself on being dynamic and forward-thinking while retaining its small and family-like environment.

Use case description


airSlate made In At The Deep End's reservation forms easily available via public links. The company is able to capture and automatically update all customer information as soon as a form is submitted. This way, In At The Deep End modernizes the reservation process while eliminating any need for unnecessary phone calls. The majority of the company’s customers note that the forward-thinking approach to business is made possible using a product like this.

airSlate’s no-code Automation and Integration Bots help streamline routine tasks for administrative workers, making In At The Deep End’s workflows an asset, rather than a liability. The labor required for previously intensive tasks is diminished, while improved communication, responsiveness, and organization brings the team closer together./p>

Simple, flexible and effective. What more could you want?
Mark Mc NicholDirector
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Case study

Case study example
Why In at The Deep End, a local recreational facility, chooses to automate workflows with airSlate
airSlate made In at The Deep End’s reservation forms available using public links. No more calling to make reservations or version issues contributing to documents being prone to err...

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