Nationwide Roofing

Location Florida
Industry Construction services, Insurance
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Nationwide Roofing

About company

With experience in insurance, finance, and construction, Nationwide Roofing offers comprehensive roofing solutions, from free inspection and filing insurance claims to actual roof repair and installation. Since the company’s primary focus is on storm damage and roof repairs, homeowners whose insurance covers damage from hail, water, and wind can seek Nationwide Roofing assistance.

By processing all the necessary insurance-related paperwork, Nationwide Roofing acts as a general contractor, providing damage analysis, filing claims, and performing damage inspection and paperwork review. Once all paperwork is completed, the company proceeds with roof repair or installation, offering roofing products for roofing that fit every budget.

Use case description

Nationwide Roofing used airSlate to digitize and automate work orders. airSlate’s no-code drag-and-drop editor helped the company get a dynamic work order template, with fillable fields and built-in roles, ready in minutes.

Their entire work order Flow is now streamlined using no-code Bots that automate document routing so that the work order flows where it needs to go and every employee can fill in their part. With automated notifications, there is no need for Nationwide Roofing staff to chase down work orders. Once a work order has been completed or signed, an employee and customer get instant notifications. By automating the work order process, Nationwide Roofing has eliminated paperwork, saved time, and improved customer satisfaction rates.

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