NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Location San Diego, CA
Industry Education
Year founded 1980
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NewSchool of Architecture & Design

About company

San Diego’s NewSchool of Architecture & Design is a private, accredited college that prepares students for careers in Architecture, Construction Management, and fields in Design.

The College consists of two academies: The School of Architecture and Construction Management, and The School of Design, each offering a variety of programs. Students of The School of Architecture and Design can earn an undergraduate degree in construction management by attending on-campus classes, or they can obtain a graduate degree while studying online. The School of Design offers a range of career-focused undergraduate programs in product design, graphic design and interactive media, interior architecture, and design.

NewSchool takes a holistic approach to personal career development by offering all students access to a Career Services Office that helps students achieve their employment goals through career fairs, lectures, networking, internships, and mentor programs.

Use case description

The NewSchool needed a unified solution to streamline their student registration workflow by quickly collecting and organizing student data when they register for different programs.

NewSchool has taken advantage of airSlate’s mobile-ready web registration forms. Staff members quickly build and configure the forms they need using the no-code graphic designer. With the help of this form, NewSchool staff no longer need to deal with paper documents and can work directly with students. Students can easily access and complete forms online, where they can browse fields relevant to their program.

With the help of airSlate’s no-code conditional routing and automation Bots, NewSchool’s staff were able to easily handle the form submission process as documents are automatically organized based on the data students fill in.

Case study

Case study example
San Diego’s NewSchool of Architecture and Design uses airSlate to automate student registrations
Located in the design district of downtown San Diego, NewSchool of Architecture & Design is a globally recognized and award-winning design university with a vision to be a leading prov...

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