Location New York City
Industry Non-profit Legal, Social services
Year founded 1979
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About company

NMIC has five departments that are built around programs designed to help families and individuals in different areas. The Legal Department covers eviction, immigration, and domestic violence issues. The Social Services and Weatherization departments include screening and enrollment for benefits, tax assistance, health support, and environmental programs.

NMIC’s Organizing department is dedicated to bringing improvements to the buildings which tenants occupy. It also provides support to worker-owned businesses and tenant associations by uniting them under the Union Comunal entity.

NMIC offers a broad variety of education and career services that aim to help community members acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter college or build a career. The department provides workforce training in different fields and helps job seekers get employed and grow professionally.

Use case description

NMIC used airSlate to quickly and securely collect new client data and tax-related information with the help of the easy-to-configure web forms. By adding conditional logic to their forms, NMIC was able to create a personalized experience that allows users to complete only relevant form fields based on the set conditions.

With airSlate’s no-code Bots, NMIC was able to automate data transfers between different data sources, thus eliminating manual data entry errors as well as the risks associated with lost information. airSlate also helped NMIC run its processes more efficiently by automating form routing and notifications at every step of their workflow.

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