Rock The Street, Wall Street

Location Nashville, TN
Industry Finance, Education
Year founded 2013
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Rock The Street, Wall Street

About company

Rock the Street, Wall Street (RTSWS) is a non-profit organization with one of the fastest-growing financial literacy programs designed to help high school girls build financial competence and make a career in finance.

Because of the growing gender gap in the field of finance, RTSWS engages female professionals to introduce young women to the world of finance, teach them how to manage finances, and achieve financial well-being.

RTSWS’s current programs include 5-week classes that focus on savings and investments, stocks and bonds, retirement planning, and estate planning. The training features demos, money management workshops, and presentations led by women who excel in the financial industry or successfully own companies.

RTSWS offers girls educational trips to companies, banks, state, and corporate treasury departments. Students also get access to a network of teachers and mentors who provide them with guidance and support on their way to academic and professional success.

Use case description

Rock the Street, Wall Street wanted to facilitate the student program application workflow and automate Salesforce processes.

Now RTSWS requires less than an hour to set up and automate the program application workflow. The organization uses customized online application forms to embed on their site and get them completed by students in minutes. Once submitted, the data is automatically used to update or create CRM records.

The organization has taken advantage of airSlate Bots to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and send out multiple forms in batches — all without coding, manual steps, or costly APIs.

Case study

Case study example
How Rock The Street, Wall Street female finance school uses airSlate to enroll more students
With airSlate workflow automation, Rock The Street, Wall Street can help more high school girls kick off a career in finance. airSlate’s no-code integration with Salesforce allowed f...

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