T2 Biosystems

Location Lexington, MA
Industry Medical Diagnostics
Year founded 2006
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T2 Biosystems

About company

T2 Biosystems is an emerging leader in the field of in-vitro diagnostics (the study of blood and tissue to cure and prevent diseases).

T2 Biosystems is currently targeting a range of critically underserved health conditions, initially focusing on those which a rapid diagnosis will serve two important functions – saving lives and reducing costs. The company’s initial development efforts target sepsis, hemostasis, bacteria, and Lyme disease, which are areas of significant unmet medical need.

T2 Biosystems aims at saving lives and improving healthcare with its new diagnostic products. The company uses its patented T2 Magnetic Resonance platform, or T2MR®, to develop a wide range of applications aimed at lowering mortality rates, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of healthcare by helping medical professionals make targeted treatment decisions earlier.

Use case description

By integrating airSlate into their Salesforce processes, T2 Biosystems are able to easily share forms with end-users and secure partially completed information for future use. With airSlate’s flexible no-code automation, T2 was able to adapt airSlate to their existing workflow on day one.

The company integrated airSlate’s simple interface which allowed it to automate complex processes. The ability to achieve their desired workflow without having to create custom code was critical in getting them up and running quickly so that their team could continue operations without any time lost.

airSlate WorkFlow’s platform provides a simple interface which enabled us to automate complex processes
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Case study

Case study example
T2 Biosystems, a diagnostic solutions provider, uses airSlate to ensure consistent and secure workflows

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