Location Newport Beach, CA
Industry Sports
Year founded 2010
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About company

Yoga Kat is a certified massage therapist and certified Lyengar Yoga instructor with over 17 years of experience in the field. The main focus of her massage is to relax muscles, reduce pain after injuries, and ease headaches.

Kat practices adaptive yoga which is designed to make yoga accessible for more people, especially those with injuries and disabilities. Kat teaches private yoga sessions and group classes as well as online yoga classes.

Use case description

Kat used airSlate to digitize and streamline the application process, creating a seamless experience for both students and staff. Using airSlate’s no-code drag-and-drop form designer, she could create dynamic welcome and application forms to collect the necessary applicant data online. The forms can be embedded on her website or shared directly with specific recipients. The collected data is then safely stored in the cloud or can be analyzed with the help of analytic tools.

Transforming the application process helps Kat attract more students to her yoga classes and improve communication with them. With airSlate automation, there is no need to manually enter and process data. The entire process is automated from end-to-end with a single solution.

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