Why negotiate contracts with airSlate?

You get everything you need for efficient contract review and approval
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Generate contracts automatically
Populate fields in a contract template with data from CRM records, SQL database or an Excel spreadsheet.
Redline contracts in real time
Share a contract with business partners and let them easily comment and redline it.
Stay on the same page with partners
Automatically send reminders and notifications to all negotiators.
Keep contract information up-to-date
Automate contract updates and approvals to reduce errors and track compliance.

How does contract negotiation work in airSlate?

Learn how to automate contract negotiation using Bot automation
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step 1
Add a contract template
Create a new contract or generate a contract from an existing template.
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step 2
Setup Bots for your workflow
Configure workflow Bot automation: recipient-to-recipient routing, reminders and notifications
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step 3
Get approved contracts
Negotiate your contracts in real-time and send them out for signing.
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step 4
Securely archive a contract
Automatically archive an executed contract to the CRM or cloud storage of your choice.
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Build compliant contracts with real-time negotiations and easy updates

Easy steps to automate contract negotiation with airSlate.
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  • 01.Contract
    Create a data-driven contract
  • 02.Negotiation
    Share a contract with all parties for negotiation and redlining
  • 03.Notification
    Send notifications to all parties when new comments are made
  • 04.Approval
    Send the contract for signing in a role-based order
  • 05.Archiving
    Archive the executed contract to a CRM or cloud storage

In addition to contract negotiation, airSlate features:

Built-in e-signature solution

PDF editor and annotator

Web form builder

Custom workflow routing

Robotic process automation

No-API CRM & Cloud integrations

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Make your contract negotiation management effective

Automation of your contract negotiation process is a crucial component for any organization involved in dynamic commercial activity with external contractors. By replacing the human factor with automated performance, an organization can save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Using tools that can help you expedite your deals and identify conditions that provide the highest value at the lowest risk is a priority.

With airSlate’s innovative web-based solution, you can negotiate contracts 10 times faster using the following advanced features:

  • 1. Provide access to a single workspace for teams and assign roles.
  • 2. Create a single electronic database of all contractual documentation for your company.
  • 3. Reduce the risk of human error by configuring Bot automation for document signing.
  • 4. Distribute document workflow between employees depending on their loading and specialization.
  • 5. Accelerate the process of contract discussion between your organization and its vendors.
  • 6. Promptly create and use Slates that most correspond to the interests of your organization.
  • 7. Pre-fill the fields of a form with CRM or spreadsheet data.
  • 8. Approve documents via email from any device to boost productivity.
  • 9. Take full control of contract negotiations in business and build fully customizable reports with analytics.

Automated workflow management helps your team run their business in a single secure system so they can immediately initiate Slates, enter data, share Flows and visualize analytics. No more confusion with documents, reports, or communication between teammates. airSlate’s end-to-end automation platform guarantees a transparent working environment in all departments, as well as a simple and clear processes for task performance.

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