Why use DPA in airSlate?

Connect and automate workflow processes to close deals faster and empower your workforce
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Author templates and web forms
Create customized document templates and web forms from scratch and populate them with data.
Negotiate and redline contracts
Share a contract with business partners and let them easily redline or comment on it.
E-sign and get documents e-signed
Send the final version of a contract for signing to all parties with assigned roles and in a custom order.
Integrate with any CRM or cloud
Use your favorite productivity apps and cloud services with no-API integrations.

How does airSlate DPA work?

Learn how digital process automation works with your airSlate workflows
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step 1
Add documents and forms
Set up document and form templates in your workflow.
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step 2
Choose Bots and set up conditions
Configure Bot automation for every workflow action you want to automate.
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step 3
Watch DPA in action
Send out your documents to recipients, collect and archive completed documents, and check CRM updates.
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Give your customers a better interactive experience with your
company using digital process automation
  • 01An insurance agent receives a claim from a customer and sends over an Insurance Claim form that has been automatically pre-filled with that client’s Salesforce data.
  • 02The customer completes and signs the form online. Once finished, the form is automatically sent back to the agent’s manager.
  • 03Once the manager has approved the form, a receipt is automatically generated using the airSlate document generator and is sent to the customer.
  • 04Both the customer and agent receive instant email notifications confirming the claim’s approval. An airSlate Bot then sends payment to the customer’s bank account.
  • 05Part of the claim form’s information is used to automatically update the customer’s Salesforce record. The claim is then transmitted separately to the company’s internal record management system, the receipt of the processed claim is saved to a folder in Dropbox.
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In addition to Digital Process Automation, airSlate features:

Built-in e-signature solution

Document generator

PDF editor and annotator

Custom workflow routing

CRM & Cloud integrations

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Empower Your Business’s Growth with airSlate’s DPA platform

Digital Process Automation is the latest modern solution that evolved from Business Process Management. It aims to automate the business processes of your company and reduce human resource involvement in all document-related procedures. This prevents human error and reclaims time that can be rededicated towards more complex and creative tasks for your company’s sustainable growth.

Today there is a myriad of DPA software solutions available on the market. However, the majority of them operate with a narrow focus on one business function. On the contrary, airSlate is a multifunctional platform that is indispensable for efficient automotive workflow management. Instead of using several DPA platforms to build forms and generate documents, negotiate contracts, e-sign, and integrate with cloud systems, you have one complex end-to-end tool.

Let’s view the benefits of deploying airSlate:

  • 1. Reduced or excluded paper use.
  • 2. Saved time and human resources for high-priority and creative tasks.
  • 3. Reduced the number of errors and inaccuracies.
  • 4. No code automation for repetitive and mundane procedures with Bots.
  • 5. Saved costs and expenses.
  • 6. Automated payment management.
  • 7. Integrations with cloud systems and document routing.
  • 8. Audit trail and statistics availability.
  • 9. Easy and round-the-clock access on desktop and mobile.
  • 10. Opportunity to upload existing files and build forms.

With such a robust solution, businesses can focus on more valuable and urgent tasks, like attracting customers and boosting sales.

Companies tend to avoid new experiences with such solutions, mainly because they require huge investments and their fulfillment is time-consuming. However, they’re still aimed at enhancing a company’s competitiveness and growth — which is attainable through the employment of DPA solutions. This is when it becomes obvious that large well-placed investments eventually result in an impressive cost and time-saving effect.

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