Why generate documents with airSlate?

Get everything you need to create perfectly branded documents in a snap
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Create a document template

Upload a .pdf, .docx or .jpeg, and add fillable fields, insert images, or draw tables and graphics.

Connect your document to a data source

Map fields in a document template to CRM records, SQL databases or an Excel spreadsheet.

Automatically pre-fill documents

Set up workflow conditions for automatically populating your template with the designated data.

How does document generation work in airSlate?

Learn how to automate the document generation in airSlate using configurable Bots.
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step 1
Add a document template
Add or create document templates in your newly created workflow.
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step 2
Customize your template
Edit your template and add fillable fields.
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step 3
Select Bots for your workflow
Find the Bot you need to populate data from your CRM, SQL database or spreadsheet.
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step 4
Configure workflow automation
Set up conditions based on when you want documents to be generated and sent out.
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Automate workflows to build fully personalized documents for your business

Generate documents for any industry:
Sales contracts
Event tickets
Registration forms

In addition to document generation, airSlate features:

Built-in e-signature solution

PDF editor and annotator

Web form builder

Custom workflow routing

Robotic process automation

No-API CRM & Cloud integrations

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Generate any Document Automatically with airSlate

Easily manage your job offers, sales proposals, contracts, agreements, medical records and more with airSlate. Smart document generation tools help eliminate manual work through the importing of data from spreadsheets or databases. Sharing templates has been simplified so that any team member or contact who has never used the online platform can file a form using the link.

With our end-to-end solution, anyone can simplify and accelerate their working processes. Document workflow generation, sharing, editing and certification has never been so simple and fully digitized.

In particular, airSlate empowers you and your team with the ability to:

  • 1. Make a document more functional, transform it into a Slate, and add fillable fields.
  • 2. Add custom actions to further automate your workflow and monitor it with notifications.
  • 3. Automate, configure, and process templates by multiple members without any additional integrations.
  • 4. Generate samples automatically using configurable templates. Data-driven processes easily digitize, automate and standardize reusable templates within one or several teams and allow them to be shared with non-subscribed users.
  • 5. Organize Slates in a completely secure and safe environment.
  • 6. View all Slate revisions and edits with the audit trail system.

Every team can create an unlimited number of workflows and Slates. The process is simplified through the usage of Bots; which are set up in minutes for automating every step of the document generation process. With this online solution, time spent on paperwork will be significantly reduced, allowing your entire company to focus on more important business.

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