Why streamline your signature-based workflows in airSlate?

Get everything you need to create and automate sophisticated approval processes.
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Create a document template
Make it easy for recipients to sign documents in seconds. Upload a .pdf, .docx or .ppt file and add signature fields anywhere you need.
Assign roles and access permissions
Assign signature fields to teammates and partners and define their level of access. Recipients can securely approve your documents in seconds.
Track document’s progress
Track a document’s progress across multiple signing steps and easily access its audit trail once your document is signed.
Securely store signed documents
Keep your legally-signed documents secure by exporting or archiving them to the cloud storage or CRM of your choice.

How do e-signatures work in airSlate?

Learn how to easily integrate e-signing into your airSlate workflows
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Add documents and forms
Add or create document templates in your workflow.
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step 2
Customize your template
Edit your templates before adding fillable fields for signature, date and initials.
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step 3
Create roles and assign responsibilities
Setup roles and assign access permissions.
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step 4
Configure workflow automation
Configure Automation and Integrations Bots to automatically send documents, remind recipients to e-sign them, and export data to a CRM, database or cloud storage.
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Keep your business moving by adding e-signatures to your automated workflows

Learn how to speed up your workflows with built-in e-signatures.
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  • 01.Generate
    Create a data-driven contract
  • 02.Negotiate
    Share a contract with all parties for redlining
  • 03.Notify
    Send notifications to all parties when new comments are added
  • 04.Approve
    Send your contract for signing in a role-based order
  • 05.Archive
    Archive the signed contracts to a storage of your choosing

In addition to built-in e-signatures, airSlate features:

Document generator
PDF editor and annotator
Web form builder
Custom workflow routing
Robotic process automation
No-API CRM & Cloud integrations
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Boost Business Processes with airSlate E-Signatures

Of the various DPA solutions, those that offer an e-signature solution have become the most popular. By employing this narrow-focused solution, companies inevitably succeed in cutting costs and saving time by preventing delays. Just imagine — what if every contract was still signed personally?

How much time would it have taken to fax, ship or deliver it to the recipient before getting it signed and returned? What if the recipient resides overseas or the contract gets lost? These handicaps are now effectively prevented with the help of electronic signature.

While popular e-signature solutions such as SignNow and DocuSign, whose focus is on one functional feature, airSlate is a robust end-to-end solution that features an electronic signature option as one of the many functions geared towards helping you streamline and automate workflow processes. Apart from an e-signature tool, airSlate also helps you build forms, ensure seamless data transfers from/to CRMs, SQLs, and spreadsheets, and automate workflows by configuring Bots.

Study airSlate’s e-signing benefits:

  • 1. Create a signature by drawing, typing or scanning a handwritten one.
  • 2. Use the signature template or erase it and generate a new one.
  • 3. Enable signing by creating roles and assigning permissions to specific fields.
  • 4. Set up a signing order.
  • 5. Configure notification Bots to trigger once the document is signed.
  • 6. Benefit from automated signature verification.
  • 7. E-sign from any platform or gadget.

In order to experience all the advantages of using airSlate in workflow management, any user can try a free one-month trial with no registration. Only when users get hands-on experience employing e-signing software, will they learn how to unleash their company’s potential and add to business growth.

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