Why using RPA in airSlate?

Create easily configurable logic-driven workflows with RPA Bots
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Generate documents automatically
Generate documents pre-filled with CRM, SQL database or spreadsheet data based on conditions set.
Send reminders and notifications
Set conditions for when you and your recipients will receive automatic reminders and notifications.
Route your document flows
Configure workflow routing from recipient to recipient and CRM systems based on the triggers and conditions you set.
Securely store documents
Archive and locate all of your documents in a single secure place. Analyze workspace activity with AI-powered widgets.

How do RPA Bots work in airSlate?

See the easy steps below for automating your workflows in airSlate, no coding necessary
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step 1
Customize your template
Set up document and form templates in your workflow.
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step 2
Choose and configure Bots
Choose Automation and Integration Bots and configure them for every workflow action.
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step 3
Watch RPA in action
Collect and archive completed documents, check CRM updates, and use AI-powered analytic widgets.
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Get workflows like this up and running in 30 minutes, not 30 days

  • 01An insurance agent receives a claim from a customer and sends over an Insurance Claim form that has been automatically pre-filled with that client’s Salesforce data.
  • 02The customer completes and signs the form online. Once finished, the form is automatically sent back to the agent’s manager.
  • 03Once the manager has approved the form, a receipt is automatically generated using the airSlate document generator and is sent to the customer.
  • 04Both the customer and agent receive instant email notifications confirming the claim’s approval. An airSlate Bot then sends payment to the customer’s bank account.
  • 05Part of the Claim form’s information is used to automatically update the customer’s Salesforce record. The Claim is then transmitted separately to the company’s internal record management system, the receipt of the processed claim is saved to a folder in Dropbox.
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In addition to Robotic Process Automation, airSlate features:

Built-in e-signature solution

Document generator

PDF editor and annotator

Custom workflow routing

CRM & Cloud integrations

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Benefit from airSlate's Robotic Process Automation Solution

Data processing is an inevitable part of any modern business. However, if an organization’s document Flow isn’t properly arranged from the outset, employees will waste time on mundane tasks. In reality, they should be focusing on making improvements while routine tasks are managed automatically.

Deploying airSlate’s Robotic Process Automation technology can help streamline internal processes. The platform has been optimized for any business that deals with agreements, contracts, applications, as well as the data collection and storage.

Below is a list of standard benefits that come pre-packaged with the airSlate RPA platform:

  • 1. Reduced costs for printing, paper storage, and waste management.
  • 2. Fewer manual errors and improved quality for data management.
  • 3. Faster data processing and shorter backlog.
  • 4. Easy Flow creation and management within a user-friendly platform.
  • 5. Notification and Reminder Bots that guide users through the entire process until it’s completed.
  • 6. Remote and 24/7 accessibility to a Flow.
  • 7. Configurable templates facilitate the creation of specific documents.
  • 8. Opportunity to administrate document Flows.
  • 9. Option to customize templates based on your specific requirements.
  • 10. Opportunity to create teams, add team members, and track their activity.
  • 11. Grant access to your Flow in partner mode.

airSlate’s RPA is a unique solution that can help you create a customized workflow platform that will help your business thrive, improve competitiveness on the market, enhance overall performance and increase income.

Among the numerous advantages, it helps to create a consistent process that is easily recognizable by users in the future. It also enables companies and organizations to adjust automation processes when making alterations to business strategies without any human interaction.

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