airSlate empowers individuals and teams of all sizes to digitize and automate their document workflows. By using the all‑in‑one no-code solution, organizations can reclaim time previously wasted on repetitive tasks and improve the employee and customer experience.

For any industry

Automated document workflows transform the customer and employee experience across multiple industries.
industry education
Eliminate paper-based workflows, decrease turnaround times, and improve efficiency in your institution.
  • Student aid applications
  • Program applications
  • Program change requests
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State & Local government
Automate day-to-day administrative tasks and eliminate paperwork and manual data entry to deliver a better public service.
  • Citizen inquiries
  • Complaints management
  • Public information requests
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Transform paper-based workflows into straightforward cost-efficient insurance processes.
  • Insurance claims
  • Insurance policies
  • Insurance contracts
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industry healthcare
Avoid cumbersome paperwork and focus more on patient care with an all-in-one, HIPAA-ready solution.
  • Patient intake forms
  • Privacy policy forms
  • Medical records
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industry construction
Improve your site management and solve critical compliance issues by digitizing business processes.
  • Warranty repair requests
  • Equipment safety checklists
  • License verification forms
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Recruitment & Staffing
Optimize hiring and improve talent retention for your clients using an all-in-one automation platform.
  • Client onboarding
  • Job requisition
  • Interview notes
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IT industry
Provide consistent experiences for your teams and customers with automated document workflows.
  • Roadmap approvals
  • Feature prioritization surveys
  • Customer feedback collection
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Banking & Financial Services
Automate and integrate administrative banking processes at any scale on a single, no-code platform.
  • Loan applications
  • Bank loan proposals
  • Financial reports
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Maintain efficiency and compliance while delivering world-class legal contract management services to your clients.
  • Loan agreements
  • Power of attorney
  • Promissory notes
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Help your e-commerce business grow by turning manual, time-consuming tasks into automated workflows.
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Vendor onboarding
  • Customer satisfaction survey
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Automate travel request workflows and speed up approval and payment processes in your organization.
  • Travel requests
  • Vacation & travel surveys
  • Booking forms
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Veterinary practice
Provide continuity of care and create a coherent experience for clients by streamlining your veterinary processes.
  • Pet registrations
  • Vaccination records
  • Test results
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PR & Marketing
Gain a competitive advantage by automating entire document workflows in your marketing agency.
  • Client onboarding
  • Project proposal
  • Creative brief
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Streamline tax filing and review processes while improving accuracy and accountability.
  • Profit or Loss from Business
  • Request for Taxpayer ID and Certification
  • Wage and Tax Statement
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