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Even NetSuite can't save you from the business proposal routine. More likely than not, your team is still having to use various programs and copy and paste information from one document or spreadsheet to another. Streamline the processes with airSlate! Manage your business proposal with a no-code automation solution built for helping enterprises streamline document workflows.
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Watch how to easily automate workflows in your NetSuite account using no-code airSlate Bots.
«Essentially, airSlate is paying for itself with the positive impact it has had on our workflow.»
Allen G. Mutchler, Registrar

Automate your business processes right now!

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Start automating in minutes by adding NetSuite Bots to any of your airSlate Templates

Automate multi-step workflows with ready-to-use Bots, from document routing and notifications to generating documents pre-filled with CRM data.

Your guideline on how to better manage Business proposal in NetSuite

There's a better way to create and set up Business proposal in NetSuite than manually adding data in your modules. Integrate your enterprise resource planning program with airSlate, a market-leading no-code business process automation tool. This will enable you to quickly create new records or change existing ones, automatically pre-fill documents, export or import them, and much more.

Take the following steps to enhance the Business proposal in NetSuite:

  1. Install the airSlate Bundle to your ERP account and enable its token-based authentication.
  2. Sign in to airSlate, then choose the ready-made Template from the library or create one from scratch.
  3. Install a suitable Integration Bot to your Template based on what you need to do: create records, update information in your ERP records, export them, etc.
  4. Enter the User ID, Secret, and Token ID in the Bot settings to connect the Template with your ERP account.
  5. Choose the form you need for your Business proposal in NetSuite.
  6. Map the airSlate document fields with the corresponding record types in NetSuite.
  7. Provide the conditions that will trigger the Bot and decide what to do if it fails.
  8. Click Apply Setup to end configuring your process optimization.
The setup process is simple and takes minimal effort and time, as our robotic solutions don't require any coding and are ready to use. If properly configured, they will smoothly transmit data between your forms and the ERP system according to your conditions and automatically perform regular tasks.

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NetSuite integrates with lots of tools. We recommend you choosing airSlate as a single end-to-end workflow automation software. Create a business proposal in up to 15 minutes and use our Bots to set up connections. You can create or update records in your NetSuite base or upload forms to its records when conditions are met.

With airSlate, setting up a completely automated workflow takes around 15-20 minutes. First, upload a document or create your form from scratch. You can easily edit it and add extra fillable fields. Set up Bots to pre-fill and run your business proposal, send notifications and reminders, request e-signatures. Then, add the corresponding Integration Bots for NetSuite. You can configure them to create new records in NetSuite or update existing data once the documents are signed, or export the completed form to attach it to the records you have there.

Using an already integrated automation platform saves a lot of time and effort. You only need to specify which documents you want to upload for pre-filling a business proposal using customized RPA. Expand NetSuite utilizing airSlate functionality and get a smooth workflow that eliminates paper, pulls and pushes data, and generates new templates effortlessly.

Bots are airSlate’s bread and butter. Without Bots, robotic process automation (RPA) isn’t a thing. They operate on pre-scripted code and push and pull NetSuite data from records for pre-filing documents like a business proposal. Thus, you don't need to copy and paste information manually; the tiny microprograms will do it for you, 24/7 or for as long as you want them to.

Establishing business proposal automation using airSlate Bots takes about 15 minutes. After that, just click on the airSlate icon in your NetSuite account to launch the Flow. Configure business proposal-related processes once and use it for as long as it’s relevant to your business needs. As your business grows, processes can change too. Instead of building a new Flow from scratch, just edit the current form(s), and customize the RPA setup at any time.

Start with creating an airSlate account and customizing your Workspace. Find the example of a wanted process in the Flow templates library or build it on your own. Then, add needed NetSuite Bots and share the Flow with your colleges to see how working with your team’s business proposal is improved.

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