Automate document workflows in Salesforce with the no-code airSlate integration

Create custom workflows featuring document generation, e-signatures, contract negotiation, and more. Launch business processes from your Salesforce account to enjoy an easy and seamless, single point of control.
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What if you could deploy document workflows of any scale in minutes?

Configure data-driven workflows for your industry and business case, regardless of their complexity.
Contact Forms
Host fillable contact forms on your company’s website and automatically generate new leads with the data you collect.
Job Applications
Speed up the hiring process with fillable job applications. Streamline applicant data collection and export it to Salesforce.
Employee Onboarding
Improve the employee onboarding process with fillable documents and automatic data exports to Salesforce.
Patient Intake Forms
Quickly collect patient data by adding fillable fields to intake forms and use that data to automatically update Salesforce records.
Commercial Invoices
Instantly send out invoices for client signatures while streamlining your shipping processes.
Sales Agreements
Send your sales agreement for signing on any mobile or desktop device to close deals faster and increase conversions.

See it in action

Watch how to easily automate your Salesforce document workflows using the no-code WorkFlow integration.

Enjoy fast and easy-to-configure workflow automation

Build end-to-end, multi-step workflows inside Salesforce to automate document creation, routing, approvals, storage, and notifications.
  • Generate actionable PDF, HTML, Spreadsheets, and DOCX documents pre-filled with Salesforce data.
  • Easily populate documents with data from your standard and custom records, parent relations, related lists, or even indirectly related records.
  • Establish conditional routing for documents between CRM contacts, and internal and external recipients.
  • Create new or update existing records based on data entered into a document’s fillable fields.
  • Save e-signed documents to Salesforce attachments or external services.
  • Change the status of Salesforce records and trigger actions in Salesforce based on actionable data in the documents.
  • Generate batches of documents on a set schedule and send them out with a single click of a button.
  • Sync Salesforce data with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other systems of record.

Start automating your document workflows today!

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Read the step-by-step guide for more detailed insights
This guide will take you through the process of installing, configuring, and using the airSlate application for your Salesforce account.
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Form creation
Contract Management
PDF Editing
Workflow automation
No-code document workflow automation
  • Document generation
  • Online PDF editor
  • Web form builder
  • Built-in eSignature
  • CRM integrations
  • Reports
  • Audit trail
  • Contract negotiation

Why WorkFlow

  • A single holistic platform ‒ no need to integrate multiple services or platforms
  • No-code configuration and deployment decreases time to value by 10x
  • Natively connects to hundreds of cloud services using no-code Bots

Our customers are talking

From individual users to teams of thousands — see how customers are using WorkFlow to create, integrate, and automate entire document workflows quickly and effortlessly.
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“The flexibility of WorkFlow allowed us to design a workflow that works for us. The automation built into WorkFlow helped us remove many manual steps in our old process.“
Anthony Matero
Operations at T2 Biosystems
“What we’re able to do with these fillable forms by pdfFiller is to standardize so that we have a method of organizing information and making sure that we get all the necessary information upfront.“
Eric Duncan
Dealer at Carolina Office Systems
“We’re getting information and data back from customers and internal HR-related documents quicker than ever before.“
Michael Moore
Insurance Advisor
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