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Automate Salesforce workflows with this no-code airSlate integration

Create custom document workflows featuring document generation, e-signatures, contract negotiation and more. Enjoy easy-to-configure robotic process automation without having to leave Salesforce.

Use a single workflow solution instead of five different ones

airSlate features everything you would ever need to run your perfect
Salesforce workflow in a single Appexchange application
  • Forms and Surveys
  • Document Generation
  • PDF editor
  • Contract Management
  • eSignature

Try powerful yet easy and fast to configure robotic process automation

Use no-code airSlate Bots to make your Salesforce workflows fully automated. Some examples of routine tasks that can be automated with airSlate for Salesforce:
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  • Conditional routing of documents between CRM contacts, internal and external recipients
  • Generating actionable documents pre-filled with Salesforce data
  • Creating new records based on data entered into a document’s fillable fields
  • Updating existing records based on data entered into a document’s fillable fields
  • Saving documents to Salesforce attachments or external storages
  • Changing the status of Salesforce records and triggering actions in Salesforce based on the actionable data in the documents
  • Sending batches of documents with a single click of a button
  • Generating batches of documents on a set schedule
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See it in action

Watch how to easily automate your Salesforce
document workflows using the no-code airSlate integration.

What if you could make this kind of workflow configurable in minutes?

  • 01An insurance agent receives a claim from a customer and sends over a Claim form that has been automatically pre-filled with that client’s Salesforce data.
  • 02Once completed by the client, the form is automatically sent back to the agent’s manager.
  • 03Once the manager has approved the form, a receipt is automatically generated using the airSlate document generator and sent to the customer.
  • 04Part of the Claim form’s information is used to automatically update the сustomer’s Salesforce record. The Claim information is then transmitted separately to the company’s internal record management system.
  • 05Both the customer and the agent receive instant email notifications confirming the claim’s approval. An airSlate Bot then sends the payment to the customer’s bank account.
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