Power up UiPath processes with multi‑cloud document workflow automation

Expand your scope of automation by joining UiPath with airSlate automated document workflows for a seamless, uninterrupted digital document experience in cloud and desktop environments.
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Complete your processes with document automation

Use airSlate to generate documents with data provided by UiPath. Send these documents through automated workflows for approval, signing, and bring the data collected from customers back to UiPath.

Integration highlights

airSlate introduces its cutting‑edge document automation capabilities to UiPath processes and allows UiPath users to:
  • Create documents and packages of documents
  • Pre‑fill documents with data
  • Configure document workflows of any complexity
  • Route documents between recipients and CRM contacts
  • Redline contracts and request and collect eSignatures and payments
Hours → seconds
document creation cycles
Up to 80%
operational cost optimization
Zero‑click experience
with no manual data entry

Add automated document workflows to your UiPath processes

Hop on a call with our Sales team to learn how exactly the airSlate for UiPath integration can improve your workflows.

Transforming manual processes into all‑digital experiences

Users of both platforms improve productivity and enhance digital experiences by combining automated document workflows with UiPath processes.
Author image
an active airSlate user
Jane automates document workflows but still spends hours entering data manually into an application that is not connected to the cloud.
Now Jane can use UiPath to capture data from her local environment. The data is then securely passed to airSlate to generate documents & send them for approval and eSignature. Finally, the data collected from customers is received back to UiPath and her local environment.
Author image
an active UiPath user
Jack transfers data between local and cloud environments but spends hours creating documents with this data. He then prints them out to fax or mails them for signature.
With the airSlate for UiPath integration, Jack has added document workflow automation to his UiPath processes. This way, he can automatically generate documents with the necessary data and send them out for eSignature.
Manual data entry
errors avoided
Hours of manual
work saved

Designing UiPath+airSlate workflows in a few simple steps

  • Step 1
    In airSlate, add documents and forms, define workflow steps, and add no‑code bots to enable data routing.
  • Step 2
    Add the airSlate activity to integrate the workflow you’ve created into an existing UiPath process.
  • Step 3
    Now, with the airSlate activity added to the UiPath process, documents can be generated and automatically sent for redlining, approval, and eSignature.

Add automated document workflows to UiPath processes

Hop on a call with our Sales team to learn how exactly the airSlate for UiPath integration can improve your workflows.

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