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52projects, LLC

52projects is an agency with over 52 years of experience in helping churches and nonprofits develop software capable of meeting their organization’s demands. The company has developed 7 custom products from the ground up.

52projects aims to develop custom products that meet customer-specific needs.

‘Every organization has its own unique culture, goals, and objectives. We are committed to helping you meet the specialized needs of your staff, members, and clients through engaging technology.’

The entire software development process is broken down into smaller operations that are easy to manage and evaluate. From identifying a product’s vision to designing prototypes and entering final production — clients can track every stage of the product development lifecycle.

52projects offers solutions that don’t go beyond your budget limits. Advanced API and ChMS integrations help connect the tools you already use to ensure seamless work and data safety.

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ADP, Inc.

ADP is a global provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management solutions, Business Process Outsourcing services, analytics, and compliance expertise. ADP is one of the largest payroll and tax filing processors in the world, serving over 740,000 clients.

Automatic Data Processing solutions unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax, and benefits administration. The company’s unmatched experience, deep insights, and cutting-edge technology have transformed human resources from a back-office administrative function to a strategic business advantage.

The ADP Marketplace is an online store that provides a wide range of HR apps developed by ADP and external partners. With integrations from the ADP Marketplace, users can enjoy single sign-on sessions, unified data, free trials, centralized billing, and access the resources they need to build their own customizable CHM ecosystem.

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All IT Solutions PTY LTD

For 13 years, All IT Solutions has been offering managed IT services to businesses of all sizes in any industry. The company provides uninterrupted IT support, remote monitoring, and management while meeting industry standards and safeguarding customer data.

All IT Solutions helps companies streamline their business processes by providing minimum response times and professional assistance. Their services include a remote monitoring and management tool that monitors the status of an internet connection status as well as server and workstation health.

All IT Solutions prioritizes data security as #1. The company uses multi-factor authentication, encrypted storage, and traffic encryption. Customers can cancel their service at any time and rest assured that all their sensitive information will be deleted.

Switching to All IT Solutions is easy. Simply submit an inquiry, discuss your specific requirements with ALL IT specialists in your office, and sign an electronic proposal.

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ALSO Software

ALSO is a digital platform offering a range of hardware and software provisions and maintenance services globally. From logistics to finance, ALSO connects vendors and buyers across various industries to deliver personalized services.

ALSO has devised three business models that help cover both on- and off-premise solutions, design IT landscapes, support hardware and software as well as hardware restoration.

The business models are based on three S’s which are Supply, Solutions, and Services:

  1. Supply ‒ equipment sales in the IT and telecommunication fields
  2. Solutions ‒ project-based consultancy
  3. Service ‒ various IT services including cloud services for any given workplace

The MORE strategy designed by the company in 2011 ensures ALSO’s scalable growth and continual profitability. The strategy comprises four main activities:

  1. Maintain and reinforce the business
  2. Optimize existing business models
  3. Reinvent new business lines
  4. Enhance technological expertise
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AMC Consulting Group

AMC is a leading mining consultant with offices in Australia, Canada and the UK. AMC's clients are exploration and mining companies, corporate consultants, financial institutions, and insurance firms. AMC is an independent company, 100% owned by its employees.

Since its founding in 1983, the company has completed more than 7,500 projects and helped develop world-class mining operations.

AMC Consulting Group specializes in discovering hidden business value. The consulting group evaluates opportunities and solves hidden issues and productivity challenges.

AMC Consulting Group prepares reports with infographics, videos, and case studies. These allow clients to improve their performance across mining segments.

AMC consultants use the Smart Data System, the world’s most comprehensive database with mining cost and productivity data. This data also powers AMC’s Dynamic Mining Intelligence™, which provides data-driven advice for miners to understand how to improve their productivity.

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AppDirect is a commerce platform for selling recurring digital services. The company allows businesses to create their own marketplace and to connect channels, developers, and customers in a single place.

AppDirect helps organizations to find and engage their customers by simplifying the digital supply chain. The platform enables all sales, direct and indirect, to reduce customer acquisition costs and deliver a greater customer experience. This enables organizations to distribute, sell, and market cloud services, while making it easy for businesses to find, buy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a central location.

The company spans vertical industries including software, manufacturing, value-added resellers, and financial services. AppDirect clients include Telstra, ADP, Samsung, Jaguar Land Rover, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, and others.

AppDirect was included in The Cloud 100 list by Forbes in 2019 as one of the best private cloud companies in the world.

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AppSmart is a cloud marketplace for business technology services. Since 2009, the company has grown into an industry-leader of the IT market. AppSmart delivers cloud applications for buying and reselling along with a team of Cloud Success Specialists.

A team of experts supports organizations from start to finish by evaluating existing solutions and delivering improvements and opportunities for the future.

Tens of thousands of businesses, ranging in size and industry, use AppSmart services.

Their catalog includes cloud, voice, connectivity, IoT (mobility/energy) services, and support and applications from such leading providers as Microsoft, Google, AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon.

AppSmart helps Fortune 5000 companies achieve their unique business goals. These include banking, retail, healthcare, television and movie production, manufacturing, as well as universities and non-profit organizations.

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AppXite helps to grow ISV businesses by providing Azure lift-and-shift, DevOps and Customer Success Management services for end users. AppXite helps businesses increase partner sales through their global partner channel framework.

With the help of this platform, businesses can automate provisioning, billing, and customer management processes. This allows businesses to avoid wasting employee resources on copy-paste processes and eliminates the need to maintain various cloud services.

The AppXite team is made up of specialists in subscription business models. The company’s approach is based on a pay-as-you-grow policy and matches vertical resellers with ISV solutions.

AppXite creates a smooth and exciting customer experience by decreasing human touch points while lowering transaction costs. The platform provides proprietary tools, technical support, and reporting functionality. The service delivers a user-friendly interface, a multi-channel catalog of integrations, and smart APIs.

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Apura Cloud Limited

Since 2016, AppuraCloud has been helping small and medium-sized businesses reduce operating costs and win more customers by using cloud-based business apps. The company offers a single platform where SMEs can buy, deploy, and manage their cloud apps.

AppuraCloud is a cloud-based platform that provides secure access to applications. Rather than reaching out to different providers, you can select, purchase, manage, and get support for any of your cloud apps in one place.

AppuraCloud is a certified partner of Salesforce.com, Salesforce AppExchange Integrator, Cyber Exchange member, Xero Implementation Partner as well as an Authorized Microsoft Partner. Such partnerships help companies improve their performance and reduce costs.

With access to more than 3,000 apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, AppuraCloud allows you to automate sales processes, close more deals while monitoring the health of your business.

Appura is a paperless platform designed for accessing any financial information about your business, at any time and from anywhere.

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Autodesk is a software corporation that provides software and services in one package for construction, manufacturing, engineering, media, education, and entertainment industries to meet the demands of their complex projects.

Autodesk offers more than 80 products including AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, and SketchBook as part of three main collections: architecture, engineering, and construction, product design & manufacturing, media & entertainment.

These products are designed for use on desktop as well as mobile devices. Additionally, Autodesk has been massively investing in cloud and subscription-based services.

To help its customers validate their skills for their company’s key products, Autodesk offers courses with certification programs such as the Autodesk Certified User and Advanced Certified Professional.

Autodesk has a corporate environmental policy that aims to improve the environmental performance of its products.

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AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace allows qualified partners to promote and sell their software to over 140,000 AWS customers. It’s an online store that helps users find, purchase, and get started with software and services on the AWS platform.

This platform is designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and Systems Integrators (SIs) who want to sell their software products in the cloud. This means sellers are able to offer their software to customers around the world with little operational burden. The AWS Marketplace can be used as a buyer, seller, or both. The AWS Marketplace’s catalog categories include security, networking, storage, machine learning, business intelligence, and databases.

Partners use the AWS Marketplace to better build and analyze their business and simplify delivery and billing. The platform offers flexible pricing options and multiple deployment methods.

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B4 Checkin

b4checkin is an online booking and payment platform for the hospitality industry. It offers a suite of products that helps hoteliers securely collect payments and deposits from their guests, and process reservations, check-ins, and client feedback.

b4checkin is a multi-platform company that features TransForm, a provider of authorization forms, and GettaRoom, an online booking engine.

TransForm offers a mobile-friendly, PCI-compliant environment for quick and safe payments. TransForm boasts more than 1.15 million transactions without a single lost chargeback.

GettaRoom makes it easy to accept and manage bookings online both for guests and front desk agents. GettaRoom gives hotels full control over reservations and helps them increase their revenue, online conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Both platforms integrate with Oracle Opera, Agilysys Visual One, and LMS property management systems to provide validation, posting, availability, and rates information in real-time.

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Bell ICT Limited

Bell ICT offers IT support to companies of any size for a variety of needs. Whether a small business requires occasional help or a large enterprise needs full-stack IT services for as many as 250 systems, Bell ICT has a packaged solution ready for anyone.

Bell ICT aims to protect companies from cyberattacks by helping them move their technologies to the cloud. Its services feature website hosting, domain naming, online backup hosting, and Office 365 products. Bell ICT provides regular system updates, firewall monitoring, antivirus monitoring, and network health checks alongside on-site and remote support.

Additional products are CCTV and hosted telephony. With CCTV, companies can protect their DVRs or NVRs from being stolen by moving them from physical storage to the cloud.

Companies that use telecommunications to build their sales are offered the Alcatel-Lucent hosted system with included voice recording, a click-to-dial function, customer records, and calls statistics.

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Founded in 1986, CIS OK introduced intelligent document processing for solutions in every industry. The company resells and develops solutions that capture, scan, and manage electronic content.

BIS OK clients represent organizations from the healthcare, financial services, government, and education sectors that encounter extraction and integration challenges and are looking to get more from their data.

BIS OK first achieved national recognition with Grooper, data sciences and data integration platform. An intelligent document processing tool that embeds human logic when structuring documents and unsorted data. Grooper has since been enhanced with the innovations that modern businesses require.

Today, BIS OK makes data useful for driving business efficiency and innovation with data processing services, solutions for analytics & BI platforms, solutions for TSP, systems and methods for optical character recognition,data center storage, and others.

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Blackfin Cloud Services, LLC

Blackfin Cloud Services helps businesses transform their operations by providing technical training, consulting, and professional services. The company also specializes in offering complete guidance for deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 within an organization.

Blackfin has 24 years of experience in technical education. They specialize in designing software training courses for a specific software or an entire software suite, including online courses with manuals and quizzes, remote or onsite live training sessions, as well as long-term educational programs.

Besides training, Blackfin also provides technical strategy, enterprise architecture, business analysis, project management, and rescue solutions.

Blackfin has also expanded into developing software products, the most popular being ClickDimensions — a marketing automation software solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that combines marketing, analytics, and other services within a single platform.

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Founded in 2000, Liquid PC has quickly grown into a global distributor of computer hardware, software licensing, virtualization, and security products. The company helps its clients increase their customer base with a consistent service and reliable support.

Liquid PC specializes in the distribution of diverse hardware, software products, and services from different markets. The company has developed an efficient operational model that helps eliminate red tape and cut unnecessary steps, thus improving client profitability.

Liquid PC delivers a service with complete guidance starting with quote approval up to deal completion. The company is devoted to excellent customer service that is able to constantly improve shipping times, provide quick responses to calls, and ensure uninterrupted communication throughout a transaction.

Besides distribution, Liquid PC offers consulting services to diverse product companies, helping them grow their business.

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CIT - Computer Integration Technologies, Inc.

Computer Integration Technologies Inc. is a Minnesota-based provider of IT solutions including hardware, software, security, and other related services. The company offers its clients cost-efficient technology solutions that help them grow their business.

Today, CIT serves more than 400 customers across a variety of industries such as healthcare and local government. CIT’s offerings expand to managed services, data security, hardware and equipment, software, training, and telephony.

The company builds computer networks from scratch with the support and expertise that helps businesses maintain performance. With years of industry experience, CIT is able to offer consulting services as well as develop software and applications.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CIT delivers support for all Microsoft client needs, from consulting to software development and programming.

CIT partners with other tech industry leaders such as Dell Technologies, DATTO, Intel, Hewlett Packard, and more.

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Cloud Tamers

Cloud Tamers is a NetSuite partner that provides professional services for Oracle NetSuite businesses and applications for NetSuite. The Cloud Tamer mission is to save users time and make their business more profitable, manageable, and efficient

Cloud Tamers has been a player in the digital arena since 1991, working in Finance/ERP, CRM, HR, and general business management software. The platform solves pain points such as system segregation and data duplication, allowing companies to unite data and automate processes from end to end in a single workspace.

The Cloud Tamer cloud system provides real-time information on any device, anytime and anywhere. This helps all organizations from SME to Enterprise businesses and not-for-profits make informed decisions for financial and other objectives.

The company’s main values are informed decision-making, transparency, honesty, and a people-focused approach.

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D&H is a leading technology and electronics goods distributor that provides end-to-end technology solutions to resellers and retailers in North America, helping them generate technical efficiency, maximize partner profitability, and create user value.

With the D&H Cloud Marketplace, partners can customize their product offerings, facilitate purchasing experiences, and optimize finance management using integrated invoice processing.

D&H allocates a significant portion of its resources to developing ProAV & Collaboration solutions. The goal is to introduce innovative tools that will allow high-quality audio and video conferencing, and content sharing options from any device.

D&H regularly offers training for its partners to ensure they’re employing the latest technologies in their businesses. Solutions Lab, D&H TV, hosted technical guidance and sessions, technology conferences, and events, are just a few of the initiatives D&H offers for learning about trending industry solutions.

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Digitally Infinite

Digitally Infinite is an IT consulting company specializing in setting up Google Suite and Chrome OS management services. The company is made up of a team of IT professionals that help small and medium-sized businesses make the most of their technology.

Digitally Infinite is based in Sydney and mostly specializes in Google Cloud, Chromebooks, Android for Work, Google Apps for Work, and G Suite. The platform provides IT services and solutions to enhance business, capture more profit, and optimize business processes. The company equips businesses with tools that make sharing information with colleagues easy and effortless. These tools allow users to forget about backups or system failures so they can focus on customers and building their business.

Digitally Infinite is an authorized G Suite Partner that specializes in Chromebooks (Chrome OS) and prioritizes quality and their user experience where all decisions made are customer-centric.

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DLT Solutions is a tech data company that accelerates public sector growth by providing software and hardware services to companies at the federal, state, and local levels involved in the utility, academic, and healthcare markets.

DLT covers six technology domains: Application Lifecycle, Big Data & Analytics, Business Applications, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and IT Infrastructure. It also offers access to a broad network of partners, which include leading IT companies, to help customers find the most suitable solution.

With the growing demand for cloud solutions, DLT is constructing an ecosystem of cloud offerings that include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). By cooperating with prominent cloud consultancies and resellers, DLT simplifies the introduction and implementation of cloud technologies.

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HTI Consultants

High Tech Innovations (HTI) is a group of Dental and Medical IT specialists providing high end IT services and products designed to help dental offices run their practices efficiently. The HTI ecosystem meets the highest industry standards and practices.

HTI’s IT support for dentists helps them offload their operations to a professional dental IT company so they can focus on delivering quality dental and medical services.

The team of experts evaluates the facility’s current IT status from infrastructure hardware, industry applications, and vendors to analyzing critical practice processes and performing threat analysis. The HTI group integrates its services into practices by providing dental IT support 24/7.

Today, High Tech Innovations continues to grow and expand its client-driven solutions, which now fall under three company segments: HTI Consultants, HTI Cloud, and HTI Institute.

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IHS Teknoloji

Since 1999, the IHS Group has positioned itself as a leading information and communications technology (ICT) provider, developing smart software solutions and providing a comprehensive range of infrastructure services for organizations throughout Europe.

The company’s dedicated team of qualified software and hardware developers and engineers has extensive knowledge and experience using the latest technologies. They supply cost-effective and state-of-the-art technology while also delivering a proactive customer service and technical support experience.

IHS Technology has become a trusted partner for organizations of all types and sizes within the commercial, industrial, healthcare, and education sectors.

The company utilizes a wide range of technologies to offer its customers solutions in the following fields:

  1. Data center and cloud computing facilities
  2. Hardware, software, and system supply and integration
  3. Software development
  4. Information technology outsourcing
  5. Call center IT services
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Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro Inc. is a US-based wholesale distributor of information technology products and supply chain services. The company serves businesses of all sizes around the world, helping them make the most of the technology they produce, deploy, and sell.

Ingram Micro has deep expertise in cloud, mobile life-cycle services, technology lifecycles, and supply chain management, allowing them to retain leadership in the markets they serve.

The company distributes diverse technology and mobility products from tech leaders such as Acer, Apple, Cisco, Citrix, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, and others.

For vendors, there is a variety of training courses by IBM, Cisco, Juniper, VMware, or Flexible Integrated Training (FIT) that combine cloud-training and labs, and doesn’t require investing much time.

Ingram Micro also provides sales opportunities for resellers, offering them financing, education marketing expertise, and technical sales assistance.

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Insight provides cutting-edge technology solutions to organizations of all sizes. From business and government organizations to healthcare and educational institutions, Insight empowers clients with intelligent technology solutions to realize their goals.

As a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of Supply Chain Optimization, Connected Workforce, Cloud + Data Center Transformation, and Digital Innovation solutions and services, Insight helps clients successfully manage their IT infrastructure.

Insight employs more than 11,000 people operating in 21 countries to serve organizations of all sizes across the globe. They work to provide clients with the guidance and expertise needed to select, implement, and manage complex technology solutions that drive business outcomes.

Through their partnerships, services, and delivery solutions, Insight helps businesses innovate and optimize their operations to run smarter.

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