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Use airSlate premium features for free and upgrade when you’re ready. Cancel any time with no obligations.
Save up to 20%
Team workspace, full-featured workflows and automation.
for you and your team
Full access to each Slate will be limited after the first 30 days of creation.
  • Unlimited team Workspace
  • Online PDF editor
  • Drag-and-drop web form builder
  • Legally-binding electronic signatures
  • Document Generation
  • Contract Negotiation and management
  • Payment collection
  • Configurable workflow routing
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Analytics
Team workspace, full-featured workflows and automation.
Flow Creator/month
Everything you need to automate your business.
  • Unlimited team Workspace
  • Online PDF editor
  • Drag-and-drop web form builder
  • Legally-binding electronic signatures
  • Document Generation
  • Contract Negotiation and management
  • Payment collection
  • Configurable workflow routing
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Analytics

You only pay for Flow Creators

Having a big team doesn’t mean paying more. airSlate only charges for users with Flow editing permissions. Filling out Slates is free for everyone.
The Owner and Supervisor manage a Workspace, its team, and create, set up and edit Flows
Teammates fill out Slates and track their progress with the Audit Trail and Analytics widgets

Why airSlate?

For the first time, deploying, automating and sharing workflows is fun. airSlate allows everyone in your organization to focus on what’s important: customers, career and business success.
Ten times faster to deploy
airSlate decreases the costs of configuration and time to deployment by up to 10 times.
No-code configuration and automation
Configure, automate and integrate business processes without the need to code APIs.
Natively multi-cloud
airSlate is the only platform that is natively multi-cloud, ensuring your workflows function across all your cloud applications at the same time.
Data accuracy, security and compliance
When airSlate Bots transfer data, you can be sure it’s accurate, compliant and auditable.

Save BIG with airSlate

airSlate has everything you need to automate any business process.
No need to lose money managing multiple vendors.
$30 Flow Creator/month
  • Unlimited workflow automation
  • E-signature solution
  • Document Generation
  • Online PDF editor
  • Web form builder
Flow Creator/month, flat.
Including unlimited workflows.
Nintex Standard: workflow automation
$850 month/10 workflows
DocuSign Business Pro: e-signature
$40 Flow Creator/month
Conga Composer: document generation
$20 Flow Creator/month
Acrobat PRO DC: PDF editor
$14.99 Flow Creator/month
Formstack Silver: web form solution
$59 user/20 form
/month for one person and
10 workflows.

Questions & answers

What are the differences between airSlate plans?

airSlate includes 3 subscription plans: Free, Basic, and airSlate Business Cloud. There is no difference in functionality between the Free and Basic plans.

The only difference is that the Free plan has a time-based retention limit for the document Slates you and your teammates create in your Workspace. What does that mean? For every new document Slate created, you will only have access to it for 30 days. However, the document Slates never disappear. As soon as you subscribe to the Basic plan, the retention limit will no longer affect your Slates, giving you full access to everything you and your teammates have created.

With the airSlate Free plan, use every feature needed for automation for free with the exception of lifetime document Slate history. The airSlate Basic plan provides you with the same features the Free plan does plus full access to Slate history.

The airSlate Business Cloud plan helps businesses digitize and automate processes no matter how big, all within one holistic ecosystem of products. The Business Cloud plan gives you 4 essential products that span PDF editing, workflow automation, e-signature workflows, and robotic and document process automation. Because this plan is essential for your business processes it is the only airSlate plan that requires you to contact a sales representative before subscribing.

What can a user added to an organization do?

Users can create and change Flows, send Slates, setup Bots, and share a Flow with teammates and partners.

Do users have to be signed in or registered to access a Flow or Slate?

No, they don’t. An airSlate user may share a Flow or a Slate with anyone outside the organization. The recipient(s) will use airSlate in Partner mode, without the need to register or Sign in.

What are Bots and Bot actions?

Bots are configurable actions that are executed based on pre-set triggers and conditions so that you can automate any step of a workflow. Bots allow you to pre-fill documents with data, send notifications or reminders, export filled-in data, archive documents and more.

How do we integrate airSlate with other services?

airSlate integrates with cloud services, CRMs, email providers and SQL databases via Bots. The advantage of using Bots is that you never have to code or use an API to integrate your workflows with the services you already use. Our library of integration Bots covers Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft, G Suite, Dropbox, and others.

If your company requires a specific integration, contact our support team.

Do we need to submit credit card information to start our free trial?

No, you do not need to add any payment details when signing up for a free trial. Just enter your email and you’ll be ready to create your Workspace with just a few steps.

Do we need to complete training before using airSlate?

airSlate was designed to deliver the most intuitive and powerful user experience on the market. You don’t need any advanced training or additional skills to start using airSlate right away. Yet, if you want to become a power user or advance your career by becoming an automation leader for your organization, we suggest taking a look at the airSlate Academy courses.

Where can we get more information about using airSlate?

Check out the airSlate Help Center or contact our support.

Is airSlate free?

airSlate offers a free plan with unlimited features for users who are just starting out. Advanced subscriptions are paid and offer packages aimed at small, medium and enterprise-sized organizations.

What kind of workflows does airSlate support?

You can create, automate and manage almost any industry’s workflow in airSlate. These include HR, sales, finance, procurement, administration and many others.

Check out our Flow Library to find ready-to-use Flow templates for your company’s needs.

Can we cancel our airSlate subscription?

Sure. The Workspace Owner can easily cancel your subscription in the admin panel. All scheduled payments will be canceled as well. Slates older than 30 days will be unavailable to your team.

Can we change our subscription plan?

The Workspace Owner can switch between airSlate plans at any time.

Is airSlate GDPR/PCI DSS compliant?

Yes, airSlate complies with GDPR and PCI DSS security standards.