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Every airSlate plan comes with

  • Team Workspace

    Manage company workflows in a single team Workspace. Let teammates join a workspace by logging in with corporate emails, sending an invite link, or emailing others to join.

  • Built-in e-signatures

    Send out documents for e-signing either by a single person or in-order by multiple people. E-sign documents from any device, even while on the go.

  • Document generation

    Automatically populate PDF, Word and Excel documents with data from a CRM, spreadsheet or SQL database.

  • Full-featured PDF editor

    Create and edit PDF documents online. Add text and images, annotate, redline, and blackout or watermark any PDF document without having to leave your Workspace.

  • No-code Automation

    Automate the process of sending out documents, reminders, populating documents with custom data, extracting filled-in data, and updating CRM records.

  • Customer support

    Need help using airSlate? Try browsing the Help Center or contact support by sending an email or submitting an in-app request.

Questions & answers

What is the difference between airSlate plans?

airSlate offers four plans: Free, Basic, Integrations, Automation.

All plans offer unlimited Slates, Bot actions, Flow creators and signature requests. One major difference between the plans is the number of users that can be added to an organization.

Start with a Free airSlate plan to experience the difference in your workflows. And the best part is – you don’t need to submit your credit card details. The Free plan allows you to add an unlimited number of users to your organization.

The Basic plan is designed for department managers, for example an HR Executive or Finance Manager, to configure and automate workflows for boosting productivity. With the Basic plan you can add one user to your organization.

The airSlate Integrations plan is designed for businesses that need multiple quick integrations for their daily operations. Add up to 12 users to your organization with the Integrations plan.

Enterprises might be interested in the Automation plan that completely automates their workflows and allows for up to 50 users to be added to an organization.

What can a user added to an organization do?

Users can create and change Flows, send Slates, setup Bots, and share a Flow with teammates and partners.

Do users have to be signed in or registered to access a Flow or a Slate?

No, they don’t. An airSlate user may share a Flow or a Slate with anyone outside the organization. They will be using airSlate in Partner mode, without the need to register or sign in.

What are Bots and Bot actions?

Bots are configurable actions that are executed based on pre-set triggers and conditions so that you can automate any step of a workflow. Bots allow you to pre-fill documents with data, send notifications or reminders, export filled-in data, archive documents and more.

How do we integrate airSlate with other services?

airSlate integrates with cloud services, CRMs, email providers and SQL databases via Bots. The advantage of using Bots is that you never have to code or use an API to integrate your workflows with the services you already use. Our library of integration Bots covers Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft and G Suite, Dropbox, and others.

If your company requires a specific integration, contact our support team.

Do we need to submit credit card information to start our free trial?

No, you do not need to add your payment details when signing up for a free trial. Just enter your email and you’ll be ready to create your Workspace in a few steps.

Do we need to complete training before using airSlate?

airSlate was designed to deliver the most intuitive and powerful user experience on the market. You don’t need any training or additional skills to start using airSlate right away. Yet, if you want to become a power user or advance your career by becoming an automation leader for your organization, we suggest taking a look at the airSlate University courses.

Where do we get more information on using airSlate?

Check out the airSlate Help Center or contact our support.

Is airSlate free?

airSlate offers an unlimited free plan for starter users. Advanced subscriptions are paid but offer more broad usage packages aimed at small, medium and enterprise organizations.

What kind of workflows does airSlate support?

You can create, automate and manage almost any industry’s workflow in airSlate. These include HR, sales, finance, procurement, administration and many others.

Check out our Flow Library to find ready-to-use Flow templates for your company’s needs.

Can we cancel our airSlate subscription?

Sure. The Workspace Owner can easily cancel your subscription in the admin panel. All scheduled payments will be canceled as well. Slates older than 30 days will be unavailable to your team.

Can we change our subscription plan?

The Workspace Owner can switch between airSlate plans at any time.

Is airSlate GDPR/PCI DSS compliant?

Yes, airSlate complies with GDPR and PCI DSS security standards.

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