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  • No-code workflow creator
  • Document generation
  • Legally-binding eSignatures
  • Drag-and-drop web form builder
  • Integration and automation with more than 150 Bots
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30-day free trial
2,000 Bot actions / year
Billed annually
Everything in Starter plus
  • Unlimited documents
  • Advanced roles and permissions
  • Contract negotiation
  • Payment collection
  • Custom branding
  • Advanced analytics
  • Advanced HTML widgets

Frequently asked questions

What are airSlate bot actions?
airSlate’s bots are software robots that automate busy work so you don’t have to do it. Each time one is triggered, it is called a “bot action”. It also takes 1 bot action to send a document in airSlate. For example, if you have a workflow that uses 3 bots, 4 bot action credits will be used – 1 to send the document and one for each triggered bots.
Does everyone I collaborate with in airSlate need an account?
No, people who receive documents for signing don’t need an airSlate account. However, if you’re sharing templates and workflows to edit and collaborate on, those recipients will have to create an airSlate account.
What can a user added to a workspace do?
Depending on their roles, users can manage teammates and company info, create and edit documents, templates, and workflows while collaborating with teammates and people outside the organization.
Can we change our subscription plan?
Users with the Workspace Owner or Supervisor roles can switch between airSlate plans anytime.
What are user roles in airSlate?
Roles define what your teammates can do within a workspace. There are six roles: Workspace Owner, Supervisor, Auditor, Creator, Filler, and Guest.
The Workspace Owner can manage and delete a workspace if needed. They can send documents, create templates, design workflows, manage teammates, and handle payments.
The Supervisor has all the powers of a Workspace Owner, except for the ability to delete the workspace.
An Auditor can see all the documents, templates, and workflows within a workspace.
A Creator can send documents, create templates, and design workflows. But remember, they can only see and send documents from the templates and workflows they've created.
A Filler can send and delete their documents within team workflows. A teammate becomes a Filler after they accept an invitation to join a workspace.
A Guest is a registered airSlate user who can view, fill out, and download documents sent to them.
What are documents, templates, and workflows?
A document is a digital envelope filled with one or more files sent to different recipients based on their roles in a document workflow. It's like a package that holds everything related to a specific process.
A template is a reusable document with pre-defined roles and fillable fields. Create it once and use it to send one packet of documents to different recipients every time you need it. You can even turn your template into a workflow to add automation magic.
A workflow is your repeatable business process. You add fillable documents and forms, set up a step-by-step document journey, and then spice it up with automation using bots, autostarts, shareable links, and conditions.
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Why airSlate?

For the first time, creating and automating document workflows is fun. airSlate allows everyone in your organization to focus on what’s important: customers, career, and business success.
Ten times faster to deploy
airSlate decreases the costs of configuration and time to deployment by up to 10 times.
No-code configuration and automation
Configure, automate and integrate business processes without the need to code APIs.
Natively multi-cloud
airSlate is the only platform that is natively multi-cloud, ensuring your workflows function across all your cloud applications at the same time.
Data accuracy, security and compliance
When airSlate Bots transfer data, you can be sure it’s accurate, compliant and auditable.

Add more value to your business with automation

Join 100+ teams that have transitioned their many manual and paper-based processes to a single, all-in-one automation platform
Everyday manual tasks are holding your business back
Without automation, daily workflows undermine productivity and slow down business growth. Hours of employee resources are lost on completing tasks manually along with thousands of dollars spent on configuring integrations and deploying different solutions.
...but you can supercharge it with airSlate automation
Processes run faster and deliver more value when automated with airSlate. You can create, automate, and deploy entire business interactions in hours using an all-in-one solution. No need for coding, expensive consultants, or multiple vendors.

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