Easily create quizzes, polls, and questionnaires with the online survey maker

Set up simple or multi-step condition-based surveys to collect feedback, run evaluations, and launch online registrations. Integrate with CRMs, ERPs, and other cloud services to transfer data between their systems and your surveys.
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Turn PDF documents into feedback collection forms or create surveys from scratch using the web form builder. Add actionable fields such as text, tables, formulas, and more using tools not available in traditional survey makers.
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Create a custom welcome form and add reminders and notifications. Set up conditions within a survey, provide different levels of access, collect eSignatures, and accept payments ‒ all with a single online form.
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Use 100+ no-code Bots to integrate with multiple services. Pre-fill surveys with data from your services and other documents, then transfer survey results back into your documents and systems of record.
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Collect feedback with the versatile airSlate survey creator

Create multi-purpose surveys to assess customer satisfaction, collect product and services feedback, and much more.

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Learn how to do more than just collecting feedback with your online forms.
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Powerful surveys

Learn why airSlate Surveys beat the competition.
No-code Web form creation
Mobile responsive forms
In-person fillable forms
Form preview
Form archiving
Embedded forms
Drag & drop interface
Undo / Redo
Custom themes and design
Adding fillable fields to PDF files
Field validation
Field size
Standard fields
Advanced fields
Template fields
Formula field
Matrix field
Multifunctional table field
HTML code field
Required fields
Conditional fields
Actionable fields
Recipient attachments
Accept payments
Custom welcome form
In Editor comments
PDF editing
PDF annotations
Redlining documents
Certificate of completion
Signing order
Role based document access
Role based field access
Bulk send
Redirect to external link
No-code reminders and notifications
Custom email notifications
Expiration for process
Advanced recipient authentication
File sharing with teammates
Distribute via QR code
Print to PDF
Workflow library
Advanced multi-cloud document generation
Document import
Document storage
Address book
Contract negotiation
Contract lifecycle management
Document authoring and collaboration
No-code conditional routing
Multi-cloud workflow automation
Robotic process automation
No-code automation bots
No-code integration bots
No-code archive bots
Pre-fill forms with data from Salesforce, GSuite, Office 365 via no-code integrations
Extract data from forms to CRM, GSuite, Office365 via no-code integrations
Custom branding
User management
User permissions
Organization administration
Audit trail
Multiple workspaces
Security and compliance
HIPAA compliance
No-code analytics
Custom charts and reporting
Mobile application
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Questions & answers

Here is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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An online survey creator is a tool that allows you to ask customers anything and collect valuable feedback. With this solution, you can create a template and share it with clients. A survey maker allows you to add as many fields as you like including multiple choice and open-ended questions. Based on the answers, you will be able to make valuable and impactful business decisions.

Why do you need a questionnaire? What problem do you need to solve? Until you answer what goal you are pursuing, you won't be able to create a good form. Don't try to put multiple questions in one field. Try to ask short, straightforward questions. To avoid time-consuming labor, choose the airSlate online poll maker.

If you want to test your new business idea or measure customer satisfaction, you’ll need a survey maker. Come up with clear and relevant questions to get valuable insights and improve client-oriented processes. To stay competitive, you need to know what your customers think about your product and what they want. By asking them directly you’ll be able to save time and get more results with less effort.

Working with a survey maker should be easy and hassle free. Make sure the solution allows you to create fillable forms. Your audience can fill them out online faster without the need for printing and scanning. Check which fields you can insert. Open-ended questions aren't suitable for all questionnaires. Sometimes it is better to use a multiple choice or dropdown option. Avoid clunky interfaces if you don't want to spend hours on a single form.

Online questionnaires can be posted anywhere, but it is better to choose popular platforms to get more responses from your audience. For example, you can attach a webform to the landing page of your website or upload it to your Facebook profile. If you already know who exactly you want to survey, simply send the questionnaire by email. Use airSlate to share any document in a matter of seconds.

You can gather an unlimited number of responses via the airSlate poll maker and be sure that none of them will be lost. In addition, if you are using RPA tools, you can automatically filter forms by choosing the ones you need. Leave filled Slates in your account or export them to your storage. airSlate can also fetch specific information from forms and transfer it to another document, speeding up the processing of your poll.

A questionnaire generator is able to create a poll for you in just a few clicks. You can use this template as much as you need and send it to different recipients. Depending on how many users fill out your form, you receive a different number of completed documents. Process the information automatically and get a result with which you can improve your processes.

airSlate is the easiest questionnaire generator that allows you to complete your poll faster. You don't need to prepare a form from scratch. Create a new Flow in your airSlate account. Click the Survey option and select a template from the library. Edit the document, add or remove fields. Customize the roles if needed and send fillable templates to your clients.

Filling out the form should take 5-10 minutes. If you make a huge time-consuming form, customers are likely to lose interest and simply leave it halfway through. Note that answering an open-ended question takes longer than choosing an option. Therefore, try to use multiple choice options if it’s possible in your polls maker.

Creating a questionnaire with airSlate is the easiest and fastest way. Choose a template from a comprehensive library of forms. Edit it to suit your requirements, add your logo, customize fields, and so on. Install Bots to collect and filter information automatically. Now, just distribute your workflow or post it on your Facebook page. That's all. After each filled-in Slate, you will receive a notification to keep abreast of all updates. To make a survey online, you don’t need to possess special skills, all you need is airSlate!

If you want to make your customers a little happier and build a stronger rapport consider using an online form. Let your customers know that you care about them and value their opinion. A questionnaire maker allows you to find out what difficulties your client faces when working with your product and service. If you use the collected information correctly, you’ll have higher chances to increase your profits.

A poll maker helps interview any number of students and test their knowledge in a short period of time. Students are able to simultaneously take short quizzes and choose between answer options. The system automatically checks the work and assigns a grade. Teachers can focus on students' problems instead of administrative tasks.

Automate document workflows with airSlate products

Deploy any workflow with an all-in-one workflow automation platform.

No-code Bot automation for any online workflow

Automate multi-step workflows with ready-to-use Bots, from document routing and notifications to generating documents pre-filled with CRM data.
Automation bots
Automate every step of your workflow online: reminders and notifications, document population with data from other documents, assigning permissions, archiving, and more.
Integration bots
Go beyond airSlate and make the CRMs and services that you already use a part of your automated workflows. Expand automation to third-party services without the need to code or pay for API integration.

Use pre-built templates for any business case

Browse a library of hundreds of ready-to-use templates. Customize them, connect them to multiple data sources, and start running your automated online workflows.

Enterprise-class security and compliance

airSlate is committed to protecting your sensitive information by complying with global industry-leading security standards.
SOC 2 Type II certification
Guarantees the secure management of your data & the privacy of your clients.
HIPAA compliance
Protects your patients’ private health information.
GDPR compliance
Regulates the use and holding of personal data belonging to EU residents.
PCI DSS certification
Safeguards credit/debit card data for every monetary transaction a customer makes.
Protects the privacy of student records maintained by an educational institution.
CCPA compliance
Enhances the protection of personal data and privacy belonging to California residents.
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The change: collecting data then and collecting data now

The digital revolution has resulted in brand new approaches to different activities in business and our personal lives. Even if private businesses make the shift to digital processes, it takes the government and other public entities longer to adopt them in the same way.

When’s the last time you saw a public or private organization doing a live poll on the street that wasn’t also backed by a marketing video? No business wants to waste their time and resources spreading survey templates among employees or customers for collecting information. Nowadays, you can create a survey with online tools, assess the public’s opinion, and collect data in a much more cost-effective way.

What are the benefits of using an online survey creator and running surveys online?

Using online survey tools is a win-win for both pollers and respondents. Businesses and organizations get valuable data while avoiding spending resources, and respondents can take their time and answer their questionnaire honesty without pressure.

Get the most out of online survey makers and questionnaires:
  1. Ready-made templates — Make surveying easier by deploying online polls with ready-made templates.
  2. Multiple distribution channels — Increase the size of your audience by reaching them in a way that’s most convenient for them (social media, website, email, SMS, etc.).
  3. Saved time — Save your team’s time for more important tasks, e.g., focusing on business growth.
  4. Accuracy — Get more accurate results. People who fill out questionnaires at home are more likely to answer honestly than when approached on the street or in a shop.
  5. Fast analysis — Receive and organize results in real time as respondents use the online survey tools you’ve deployed.
  6. Convenience — Benefit from providing a better customer experience. With online tools respondents can partake from anywhere 24/7.
  7. Branded templates — Create a more impactful statement for your business with greater brand awareness.

How to make a survey online

Creating a survey online begins with choosing an online survey creator. Success greatly depends on the survey maker you choose and the marketing strategy that goes along with it.

Impactful tips to keep in mind when creating a survey:
  1. Define objectives and use consistent questions. You can experiment but keep the language on the easier side.
  2. Create a template suitable for multiple channels; email, SMS, webpage, mobile apps.
  3. Consider using yes/no, multiple-choice or open-ended questions.
  4. Select distribution channels; email, website, social network, API, SMS, QR Code, etc.
  5. Decide where you’ll store the collected data; CRM, Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  6. Understand how you’ll analyze the data; cross-tabulation, trend, conjoint, gap, SWOT and/or text analyses.

Once you’ve decided on questions and created templates, select respondents, use the most suitable distribution methods and collect data. Depending on the tool you use, data can either be stored automatically or you’ll have to do it manually.

airSlate: a powerful survey maker

airSlate is a robust business process automation (BPA) platform for automating workflows, generating templates, negotiating and managing contracts, and validating documents with eSignatures. It can even make surveys too. Create a questionnaire, distribute it, collect data, process it, and export that data to the cloud or the CRM/ERP system you use.

How to make a survey with airSlate:
  1. Create a template from scratch or choose one from the list.
  2. Configure a Bot to pre-fill the template.
  3. Configure a Bot to post-fill the template.
  4. Configure a Bot to export data to your CRM/ERP system.
  5. Send your form to respondents or embed it into your website.
  6. Save the completed template.

Additionally, configure notification and reminder Bots to inform you about updates. airSlate is more than a form builder. It’s a full-featured solution for automating work processes. Use airSlate in any industry to collect feedback, evaluate employees, manage event registration, patient data collection, etc.

With airSlate, your business gets everything it could need: eSignature, audit trail, roles creation, pre-filling and post-filling Bots, integration with other systems and platforms, and much more.

Sign up for a free trial and start conducting polls right away!

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