HIPAA compliance with airSlate

airSlate helps medical providers automate healthcare processes and boost employee productivity while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations.
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What is HIPAA compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law established to protect sensitive health data. HIPAA aims to improve healthcare quality and strengthen doctor-patient relationships through secure data management. Under HIPAA, all covered entities including hospitals, medical services providers, research facilities, and insurance companies that process electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) must meet HIPAA regulations. HIPAA also applies to business associates — individuals or organizations that provide service to covered entities and subcontractors.

Digitize processes for an improved patient experience

As a business associate to many medical providers, airSlate works hard to maintain its operational security at HIPAA standards. airSlate has incorporated a Business Associate Agreement that details its obligations and required processes into its Terms of Service. Every customer that purchases an enterprise solution is able to take advantage of the Business Associate Agreement.
airSlate’s security measures include a world-class hosting facility, advanced data encryption, breach and vulnerability monitoring technology, audit logs, and multi-level access controls. These security features are built into every part of our infrastructure and apply at every level, from document generation and data collection to role-based eSigning and data storage.

With airSlate, you can move from paper-based, error-prone processes to a HIPAA-ready digital environment that allows you to create, integrate, and automate entire healthcare processes. Rest assured that any health data processed and stored using airSlate remains digitized, accessible, and auditable and all times.

Maintaining HIPAA compliance with airSlate is easy

airSlate is HIPAA-ready so you easily comply with HIPAA standards. Here are some key requirements for satisfying HIPAA standards when using airSlate:

  • Make sure that the airSlate Bots you use don’t share or send attachments via email.
  • Avoid sharing electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) with anyone outside your airSlate Workspace.
  • Before you share a document, make sure you disable the download option after a document has been completed.
  • Clients who operate in the healthcare field have to sign their Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with airSlate. This agreement is required under HIPAA to ensure that all parties handle electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) appropriately.

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