Sales Order Workflow

The Sales Order Flow is used by sales departments to automate the process of reviewing and approving customer sales orders.

Automation setup:

  1. The Reminder Bot is configured to send email reminders to those who weren't able to complete the form within the specified time period.
  2. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the Flow Admin whenever a new sales order has been submitted.
After every submission, data from sales order forms may be extracted to a spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting. The Sales department uses the submitted information for further insights as well as for pre-filling additional documents for the customer.

Use the Best Practise of the Sales Order Flow Processing

Creation of a Sales Order a quite widespread internal template in the selling sphere. It is created by a seller. It may seem complicated, as it comprises the collection of all needed information to enrich the template with all necessary selling details. With airSlate, the company saves a substantial amount of time in the processing of Sales Order. The professional-looking HTML form helps to arrange communication between sale and billing departments. The company can use the following features of airSlate for sample formation and handling:

  1. Having the whole end-to-end workflow without any integrations.
  2. Creation of the custom HTML form, that can be easily shared between all team members.
  3. Adding Bots for getting reminders about the incomplete sample.
  4. Setting up notifications about Slate completion.
  5. Defining roles and access rights to every team member.

Further on, the document is used to charge an appropriate amount of funds to the customer, in accordance with the information in the form.

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Documents & Forms included:
Sales Order
28 Fillable fields
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Bots included:
Open as Role Bot
Allow role-specific editing
Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot
Pre-fill Slate from Salesforce record
Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Assign Slate Name Bot
Assign a name for a completed Slate
Export to Salesforce Bot
Upload Slates to the record inside Salesforce
Export to Google Sheet Bot
Export data from a Slate to Google Sheets
Email Notification Postfinish Bot
Configure and send out email notifications