Training Feedback Workflow

The Training Feedback Flow is used by HR departments to obtain employee feedback for recently attended training sessions. When an employee completes the Training Feedback Form, the HR manager and Supervisor receive important details about the recently attended training session. Rates can then be automatically transferred to the HR database for the overall training estimation costs.

Accelerate the Training Feedbacks Collections

Receiving training feedbacks from employees is a sure-fire way to know how successful and effective your coaching program is. It also gives you the opportunity to improve the team environment. Get to know the honest opinions of your employees by distributing a questionnaire via email or let them answer the questions anonymously with the help of airSlate:

  1. Easily operate on a group of documents inside your personal Workspace.
  2. Select teammates for collaboration and control the access to your Flow.
  3. Use handy options to customize feedback forms so it will precisely fit your case.
  4. Let the system make the routine actions for your by configuring automating Bots.
  5. Make the completion of the form a breeze and let the respondents do it anonymously.
  6. Keep up with each document Slate completion and track the changes in real time.

Experience airSlate's workflow automation solution to boost your organization's processes and build a closer connection with your team for better collaboration.

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