Employee Resignation Request Workflow

HR departments use the Employee Resignation Flow to automate the process of employee resignation by collecting and structuring all employee-related information followed by the manager’s feedback.

Automation setup:

  1. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the flow administrator whenever a requester opens the form.
  2. As soon as an employee fills out fields 1-8 of the form, the Reminder Bot is configured to send a reminder to a reporting manager.
  3. As soon as fields 9-11 are completed by the reporting manager, the Reminder Bot is configured to send a reminder to an HR representative.
  4. After the form has been completed by all parties, the Email Notification Bot is configured to notify the employee with the feedback they've received.
The Employee Resignation Flow is the optimal way for both the employee, the manager and the HR department to ensure that the resignation procedure has been conducted in accordance with company policy. The flow also allows for further data collection and processing. The data from the form may be used by the HR department to strengthen a company’s business model and reputation. Employees, on the other hand, get written feedback which may help them continue to build a successful career into the future.

The Best Way to Handle an Employee Resignation

The procedure begins when one informs his or her Supervisor Manager about the intention to resign and creates a new Employee Resignation form. You can initiate the proceeding quickly with easy-to-use HTML-forms.

The resigning employee's data, the manager's reference, and HR's comments will instantly go to the database. This makes the process much easier.

Main advantages you can easily apply:

  1. Reduce the possible stress level in your teams.
  2. Optimize working time spent on a task.
  3. Receive notification from Flow automation Bots.
  4. Share blank Document Slates with ease.
  5. Automate the collaboration between members.
  6. Create, revise and approve even while on-the-go.

This Resignation Workflow is an example of successful and law-compliant business process management. It's better to start resigning at least two weeks prior to the last working day so that you can close all your deals and transfer responsibilities to a new hire.

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