Employee Master Workflow

The Employee Master Flow is used by HR departments to maintain and update a detailed list of current employees in a timely fashion.

Automation setup:

  1. The Reminder Bot is configured to send an email reminder to an employee about a pending Employee Master Form. 
  2. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the Flow Admin once a new Employee Master Form has been submitted.
Once an employee fills out their Master Form, the submitted information is extracted to the salary, recruitment, and time registration systems or an ERP. The Employee Master Flow allows HR departments to automatically collect error-free employee master data and maintain compliance with their company’s policies and regulations.

airSlate Employee Master Flow Maintains a Database for You

Every HR Department has a database to store information related to the staff, including their work and personal data. There are a variety of ways the personal details of employees can be applied, starting from security issues and all the way to sending a birthday card by mail. Still, businesses, especially if large, face inconveniences in the maintenance and regular updates of those databases.

 The Employee Master is a simple solution that manages all the related processes without any additional human effort. Its advantages incorporate:

  1. Reliable data security protection.
  2. Opportunity to log data straight-away after a recent update.
  3. Fast and remote access to an HTML form at any time.
  4. Notifications Bots to remind the staff about updates and notify HR when filed.
  5. Convenient information processing and storage solution.

Presently the Employee Master Flow is still optional as an efficient tool to help the HR in their day-to-day job and optimization of their business processes. Yet, the future outlook suggests the platform will be essential for success-oriented businesses.

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Documents & Forms included:
Employee Master
24 Fillable fields
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Bots included:
Open under a Role Bot
Allow role-specific editing
Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Email Notification Bot
Configure and send out email notifications
Assign Slate Name Bot
Assign a name for a completed Slate
Export to Google Sheet Bot
Export data from a Slate to Google Sheets