Employee Timesheet Workflow

HR departments use the Employee Timesheet Flow to automate the process of submitting daily employee timesheet logs for approval.

Automation setup:

  1. The Reminder Bot is configured to send email reminders to each employee to review and fill in their Employee Timesheet Form.
  2. The Notification Bot is configured to notify HR managers once an employee has submitted their timesheet.
Once an Employee Timesheet Form has been submitted by an employee and an HR manager, the information from the form may be transferred to a CRM. The Employee Timesheet Flow allows HR departments to automatically collect employee timesheet data and maintain compliance with the company’s timesheet policy.

airSlate Employee Timesheet Flow Manages Worktime Tracking

Worksheets are especially important for payroll, accounting, and HR Management. They help to keep tracking the time spent on different tasks and ensure fair payment. HR can also use them to spot time-management problems and elaborate on optimizing solutions. The airSlate platform aims to enhance and simplify Employee Timesheet log. It’s main advantages include:

  1. Simple fillable HTML template.
  2. Time and cost-saving for not printing the paper form out and communicating to the HR Department in person.
  3. Cost -, time- and resource-saving solution for HR doesn’t have to process them in person.
  4. The online form is available from any location, device and at any time.
  5. Notification Bots remind to file timesheets timely.
  6. Data is processed and stored automatically. 

airSlate Flow is an efficient tool to improve workflow management and ensure more effortless optimization. Although it is not directly aimed at performance enhancement, it can significantly add to it. 

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Documents & Forms included:
Employee Timesheet
12 Fillable fields
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Bots included:
Open as Role Bot
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Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Email Notification Bot
Configure and send out email notifications
Assign Slate Name Bot
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Export to Google Sheet Bot
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