Know your Customer Workflow

The Know your Customer Flow is used by Sales departments to automate information research about customers before doing business. Once a customer submits a Know your customer form, the sales manager automatically receives all the information they need into the customer database. This information is used to collect necessary details about potential customers and may later be transferred to a CRM.

Understand Your Clients Better with Know Your Customer 

Know Your Customer or KYC procedure recently was widespread only among banks. It was used to understand the financial manners of clients. Nowadays, more and more companies want to understand consumers, and this method gaining popularity. The basic elements of KYC are name, location, occupation, age, gender, nationality, contacts, payment information, and identity proof. Those criteria will help show the full portrait of the buyer and make regular charges concerning goods or services.

The features helping to automate the workflow are the following:

  1. HTML form — made to simplify data collection and management. Easy to share and fill out.
  2. Adjustable Bots, that control the process of filling out. They remind users about the necessity to file document and workflow owner about all changes.
  3. Secure environment for safe collecting and processing of information.
  4. The powerful toolkit, located fully in the cloud.
  5. Partner mode for non-team members with accessibility only to the HTML template you shared.

Creation of the electronic Know Your Customer Flow speeds up the process of gathering and systematization of all data.

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Documents & Forms included:
Know Your Customer Form
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Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
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