Content Request Workflow

The Content Request Flow is used by marketing departments to automate requests for new written or designed content. The marketing manager initiates the Content Request Flow to provide all needed information, requirements and timescales for automating requests for newly written or designed content. This information can be used to complete the marketing department’s records or update content management software.

airSlate Makes Content Request Workflows Efficient

Having the right tools to optimize marketing management and team collaboration in a company always brings positive results.

Ready-to-use HTML templates will help you to initiate Content Request for marketing or other purposes, expedite the execution and control the entire Flow. 

Our next-generation solution includes the following:

  1. Fast and effortless setup.
  2. Automated notification Bots.
  3. Concrete forms with appropriate fields to create accurate summaries.
  4. Flexible workflows and multiple iterations.
  5. Configured Document Slates for input from various sources.
  6. Attention to details during the process mapping.

The automation of business processes is highly valued and essential for improving the efficiency of teams. Therefore, using the advantages of airSlate, you can spend more time on meaningful work and less time being obstructed by administrative obstacles. 

Try out the request form today and be as descriptive as possible in a content title and deliverable to get the quick response.

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