Program Application for the Bemidji State University Flow

The Program Application Flow is used by university admission faculty to automate the process of collecting applications from prospective students and simplify the enrollment process.

Automation setup:

  1. The Open as Role Bot is configured to assign roles to students so that anyone opening the Flow will have access to specific fields.
  2. The Email Notification Bot configured to notify the Flow Creator once a new application has been completed.
  3. The Send a Slate with Roles Botis configured to assign roles for admission officers who review applications and work with additional student documents.
  4. The Email Notification Botis configured to notify the Flow Creator or another responsible person once their colleagues have completed a Slate.
When prospective students follow the Flow link, they’re granted access to applications to fill in. When a student completes a form, their application is submitted for review to the assigned admission officer who receives notifications every time a Slate is completed. Data is captured for both approved and rejected applications to track and manage statistics for enrollment processes.

Automate the Program Application for the Bemidji State University Flow and optimize student enrollment with airSlate

The Program Application for the Bemidji State University Flow makes admission officers’ work easier. Automate every stage of the enrollment process, from collecting applications from prospective students to data transfers between documents and data sources. You can build the entire workflow within a single Workspace. The Flow creator invites colleagues for collaboration and configures automation Bots for efficiency, each playing a specific role in the Flow.

Here’s how automating the Program Application Flow works:

  1. Add documents and forms to the Flow.
  2. Set up the Open as Role Bot and Send a Slate with Roles Bot so that prospective students and colleagues can fill out their assigned fields.
  3. Configure the Email Notification Bot that sends out notifications automatically, so that you don’t have to check the documents all the time.
  4. Share your Flow via email or Public link.
  5. Once recipients fill out forms and documents, the Flow creator gets notifications and captures the necessary data for processing.

By automating the Program Application Flow, admission officers keep up with all submitted applications. They don’t have to manually re-send completed documents to colleagues or copy and paste data — all this is done automatically within the airSlate platform.

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Documents & Forms included:
Application request
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Open under a Role Bot
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Email Notification Postfinish Bot
Configure and send out email notifications
Send a Slate with Roles Bot
Assign custom roles to teammates