Customer Master Workflow

The Customer Master Flow is used by Sales Departments to automate the collection of customer data to a database. The sales manager initiates the Content Request Flow to collect all necessary information including contact, product/services supplied, and billing & legal review details, to a database or CRM.

airSlate Customer Master Processes Client Personal Data

It’s very important for the business to run a database of customers. It helps track the sales of products and services in specific regions and receive feedbacks. Besides, the personal data of clients can be used for different purposes in the future, for example, to send a birthday postcard.

However, data collection is a very time-consuming process that requires crystal accuracy. To accelerate the process and avoid errors airSlate Customer Master Flow has been developed. Its numerous benefits include:

  1. User-friendly HTML-form.
  2. Opportunity for the customer to fill out the form in advance and avoid retyping and computing by employees.
  3. E-form diminishes expenses for paper and relevant wastes.
  4. Errors are avoided as employees directly fill out the form. 
  5. Notification Bots informs on a new submission. 
  6. Human resources and costs saved for processing the information.

airSlate Flow is an excellent tool to optimize business processes and manage workflow. It automates operations and it can help increase performance and stay in touch with the customers. 

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