Capital Expenditure Request Approval Workflow

The Capital Expenditure Request Flow is used by accounting and finance departments to get expenditure requests approved by their company’s CFO and CEO.

Automation setup:

  1. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the Flow Admin when a new request has been submitted by an employee.
  2. The Reminder Bot is configured to send email reminders to the CFO, and then to the CEO, only if the request form was not approved within the specified time period.
When a Capital Expenditures Request form has been approved by both the CFO and CEO, the information in an employee database will be updated. This data can be transferred to a CRM and used to pre-fill vendor contracts. This allows financial managers to order new equipment and track compliance

Get the Capital Expenditure Request Approved Using airSlate

Receiving a Capital Expenditure Request approval helps a business purchase assets needed for its development. Yet, elaborating on the documentation and collection of signatures from the CFO and CEO can get complicated and time-consuming. airSlate automated Flows make this procedure smoother and faster.

  1. Create an end-to-end Flow within a single Workspace.
  2. Customize your document according to your needs and fill it up with all the necessary information.
  3. Get the document completed on time by configuring a Reminder Bot that will remind the CFO and CEO to provide the approval.
  4. Easily distribute the Flow in a convenient way for you: either by email or make it a Public Link that can be sent by email as well or hosted on the web platform.

Capital Expenditure Request approval is a crucial process that helps to broaden the horizons of the organization. Organize your business procedures and reach your goals by using a workflow automation platform.

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Capital Expenditure Request
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