Expense Approval Workflow

The Expense Approval Flow is used by accounting and finance departments to automate the internal submission of expense reporting. The accounting manager initiates the Expense Approval Flow to collect information needed to approve or decline expense claims. The data can be used to update accounting records or other accounting software.

Implement an Automated Expense Approval Workflow 

The control of expenses is vital for every company. Any compensation or payment needs special approve and further processing with accountants. If management is lucky, then time and resources for the implementation of a template won't be wasted. A perfectly planned and automated financial processing speeds up the inner management of all transactions. It saves time on processing and approving all applications from employees. Expense Approval Flow helps to make this process more efficient and simple.


It has a number of features for making an end-to-end Flow:

  1. HTML forms creation. With custom forms, your Flow easily shared and filled out, even by unsubscribed users
  2. Bots configuration. Every action is carefully controlled by Bots. They notify users and remind people about the templates they need to fill out.
  3. Safe environment and usage of the latest data encryption and decryption protocols.
  4. No need to arrange integration with third-party services, since all needed tools are included in one solution.


The full cycle of a template starts with creation and configuration and finishes with data collection, structuring, and analysis.

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